America beware; the oligarchs are getting closer to taking control.

NY lawmakers’ ‘clean-slate’ proposal is a gift to career criminals.

As his scandals grow ever worse, Andrew Cuomo offers only lies and rage.

With all of Governor Cuomo’s warts, only 41% want him to resign; 5% points higher than April’s results.  What shocks me most about the Siena Poll is that those polled support Cuomo handling of the pandemic 58% to 35% even though 67% thought he only did a fair or poor job making public the nursing home COIVD-19 related deaths (doing so would have damaged his $5.1 million book deal).  I do not understand how the responders think he did a good (58%) job when 67% of the same responders believe the reporting of the data of COVID-19 nursing homes deaths was poor.  How can they absolve Andrew Cuomo’s sending nursing home patients back to their nursing home knowing his responsibility was protecting the elderly and also knowing COVID-19 was akin to “fire through dry grass.”

Bob McManus opines in the NY Post:  Teachers unions are desperate to deflect blame over closed schools.

Are ‘woke warriors’ running a protection racket?

A Brief History of Corporate Social Responsibility—and Why It Must Stop

Say hello to the newest enemy of Woke, Inc.

Today’s religion of Wokeism ignores logic, science and reason.

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal how The Revolution Comes to Juilliard/Racial hysteria is consuming the school; unchecked, it will consume the arts.

Christopher F. Rufo writes this in the City-Journal (unfortunately, it isn’t only in Portland):  The Child Soldiers of Portland/Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries.

Deroy Murdock describes how Democrat Left’s Critical Race Theory Preaches Black Failure.

Robert Knight has his say on Critical Race Theory in the Washington Times: Parents must push back against progressives’ doublethink.

The Daily Signal explains the 5 Things You Need to Know About Biden’s $1.8 Trillion American Families Plan.

Larry Kudlow: Uncle Sam Gets Set to Dig into Your Bank Account.

Iran: 10 Characters in Search of a Protector.

Gordon G. Change writes in Gatestone Institute what he believes is Biden’s Worst Move Yet: Giving U.S. Vaccine Tech to China.

The ‘Wuhan lab leak’ theory looks more credible than ever.

Researchers at Wuhan Institute of Virology Hospitalized in November 2019: Report.

Fauci Says He’s ‘Not Convinced’ COVID-19 Developed Naturally, Calls for Further Investigation.

Biden’s Border Policy Is an Economic Boon for Cartels, Assault on American Communities.

White House Dodges Questions About Rising Violent Crime by Serving Up a Talking Point on Guns.

Inflation on the rise in most every area of our economy:  Severe Supply Bottlenecks Add to Inflation Pressures.

This triple-edge sword really gets under my skin:  Insurance giant CNA Financial reportedly paid hackers $40M in ransom, 1) good organizations do not demand a ransom; obviously, the ransom money will only be used against us, 2) it encourages more terrorist groups to attack more businesses, and 3) no company will absorb the cost resulting in higher costs/premiums to consumers.  Companies have a moral and fiscal obligation to protect their companies and hire people to end the possibility of being hacked.

Out of gas: what does the Colonial Pipeline shutdown say about US defense readiness?

The Democrats have a way of not dealing with  election results; they bully all until they get what they want.  For example, this is their latest rant — Democrats: Roe v. Wade blow would fuel expanding Supreme Court.

Kelly Shackelford: Biden’s secret court-packing commission – here’s what first meeting tells of Dems’ plans.

Ordinary Things, Extraordinary Genius.