We can now have hope that the abortion industry, built on judicial activism with no concern for an innocent unborn life, will be on life support soon.

From the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required) Criminal Probe of Andrew Cuomo Administration Broadens to Covid-19 Testing Issues.

Actual Collusion: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Helped Brother Andrew Navigate Harassment Scandal.

File this under: is this what you want your tax dollars to pay for?  Taxpayers footing the bill for Cuomo’s lawyer in nursing-home probe.

From the Empire Center:  NY per-pupil school spending topped $25k in 2018-19 “once again surpassing all states in the latest U.S. Census annual data.”

Producer Prices Surge to Record Highs in New York, Reinforcing Consumer Inflation Concerns.

Government must stop paying Americans to not work.

There are some good reporters … and Peter Doocy is proving himself to be one of them:  Psaki Cornered on Biden Killing Keystone XL But Approving Russia’s Pipeline

Poor Joe Biden, when he isn’t caving to the progressive left by selling out our allies, he is upset that some just don’t get his “sense of humor.”  President Biden has been plagued by accusations of plagiarism throughout his career and it seems as if he and his speech writers continue down that same path today.

Unfortunately for the free world, President Biden is putting pressure on the wrong person in the Middle East.  As the NY Sun points out Mr. Biden “conveyed to the Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) that he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire.”  Read President Biden’s War here.  Then read Larry Kudlow’s Changing on Israel, Democrats Turn Toward Iran and ask yourself, does President Joe Biden put America’s interest first, or has he completely capitulated to the progressives?  On his current course how would he respond to the tragic, horrific events of September 11, 2001?  How safe do you feel knowing President Joe Biden expects Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to de-escalate?  Hamas is the terrorist organization, is it any wonder that Netanyahu brushes off Biden call for ‘significant de-escalation’ in Gaza, says Israel ‘determined to continue’

Victor Davis Hanson: Biden flirting with disaster – here’s where division at home, weakness abroad will lead.

How President Biden Emboldened Hamas, Islamic Jihad.

Biden must see things as they are in the Middle East, not as he wishes them to be.

Israel has acted like a moral beacon in the latest Gaza war against terror.

Arabs: Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinian Suffering.

What You Need to Know About Israel-Hamas Conflict.

Sen. Tim Scott: S.1 is not a voting rights bill, it’s a partisan power grab that will harm faith in elections.

Roe v. Wade is on trial. Don’t let the Left threaten the Supreme Court over it.

From National Review:  Overturn Roe.

Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortions After Fetal Heartbeat Detection.

From the City-Journal:  Conditional Compassion/ The Left’s enthusiasm for diversity and empathy depends on one’s politics.

After Losing to Male Athletes, College Runner Fights for Fairness in Women’s Sports.

How the Big Tech ‘Masters of the Universe’ imposed their will on the American electorate.

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