New York’s disingenuous emperor hopes a $500,000 charitable contribution will bring him absolution … not a chance.

Cuomo earned millions from pandemic book deal despite nursing home controversy.

Andrew Cuomo’s shameless $5.12M payday profiting from the pandemic.

File Cuomo’s obscene $5 million book under true crime.

How the AP Slanted Border Coverage to Hide the Crisis

If AP really didn’t know it shared space with Hamas, why trust its reporting?

As Iran’s Mullahs Incite Hamas Terrorism, Biden Administration Wants Sanctions Lifted.

Frightening news:  Sen. Ron Johnson Says Green New Deal Would Make US Grid More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks.

When Capitalism Wins, Poverty Loses.

Dennis Prager opines about Men Give Birth. America Was Founded in 1619. And Israel Is the Aggressor.

The Politicization of Childhood.

Biden Scorning the Secret Formula of American Prosperity

This strikes me as the beginning of guaranteed minimum wages…if you have children under 17.  IRS to start monthly payments of child tax credit July 15.  Socialism’s seeds are planted and are rapidly growing strong roots and like all destructive weeds they must be eliminated to save the America that has been the beacon of freedom to the people who have suffered under socialistic dictatorships.

Jobs Without Takers.

New York’s Long Decline Is Canary in Coal Mine for Biden’s Big-Government Agenda.

And this is a perfect example of Big Brother! American Airlines Investigating Pilot Who Opposes School District’s Critical Race Theory Plan.  What gives American Airlines the right to dictate what a pilot says if it is unrelated to his job duties?  America is spiraling out of control due to the fact far too many believe only they have the “right” to voice their beliefs and they have the right to ostracize from society anyone who disagrees with them.

Better diet prior to vacation:  Airlines could start weighing passengers before boarding.

The Paranoid Style in Progressive Politics.

Then I saw this and some hope returns;  Supreme Court Unanimously Rebuffs Biden Administration on Warrantless Searches for Handguns.

The Five Myths of Systemic Racism in Policing.

Americans are tired of the left’s lie that U.S. is systemically racist.

Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou, has introduced a bill that would, among other things, end court surcharges and fees, impose a ban on mandatory minimum fines for traffic offenses, and require that courts evaluate a person’s ability to pay a fine before it’s imposed.  If people do not want to pay the fees or are unable to pay the fees for committing crimes what signal is sent if fess and surcharges are eliminated?  It becomes tacit permission to continue to commit crimes, as all New Yorkers have experienced how crime has skyrocketed with the previous “let’s help the criminal” reforms; imagine what it will be like if this becomes law.

From the Daily Signal:   Roe v. Wade in Crosshairs as Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Major Abortion Case.

Psaki Says Biden ‘Committed to Codifying’ Roe v. Wade after Supreme Court Agrees to Revisit Precedent.

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