Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Crime in NY, the Hamas Attack on Israel, Elise Stefanik is the new GOP Conference Chair and the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

Democrats Refuse to Accept Reality

Crime continues to skyrocket across New York City as Democrats continue to ignore their fatal decision making that led to the surge in violence.

In 2020, murder in New York City saw an alarming increase. The tension and danger could be felt on the streets. Now, in 2021, those numbers are once again rising causing the city to feel more like 1991, not the safest big city as Mayor de Blasio touts. As of May 9th, 2021 murders have increased by 27%, shooting victims by 83.6%, shooting incidents by 86.4%, and hate crimes by 68.9%.

These numbers are worrisome at any point in time, but even more as the numbers increased during the winter months and during a quarantine. We experienced a cold, snowy winter which is usually a violent crime deterrent, but it seemed to offer no assistance this year.

Perhaps Mayor de Blasio, the New York City Council, and the Democratic State Legislature should stop passing the buck and own up to what has caused this disaster. It should come as no surprise that bail reform, defunding the police, postponing recruitment classes and stripping law enforcement of the ability to do their job has led to the situation we now have.

Daily, we open our local or city wide newspapers to see children, and other innocent bystanders, being struck by stray bullets, subway riders slashed in the face, or gang violence taking over our city streets. On Twitter we see our city and state representatives offering their condolences, but failing to admit fault. Some even point to the need for gun control, ignoring the fact New York City already adopted some of the most restrictive gun laws anywhere in this country.

I fear this city is on a collision course with financial and criminal ruin and sincerely hope the voters realize we have a chance to fix this, or continue to regress backwards to the days we thought were far behind us.

Hamas Attack on Israel

The terrorist organization Hamas launched an attack on Israel as they celebrated Jerusalem day on Monday in what has turned into a growing conflict by the Iranian backed terrorists and our biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

The United States must stand alongside our allies that are fighting terrorists and make it clear that our actions are predicated on an America first foundation.

Though many administrations both Republican and Democrat have worked to promote peace in the Middle East, none being more successful than President Trump, bad actors, such as Iran who funds Hamas, continue to be a clear and present threat to free people everywhere.

In just a week, the fighting has grown to resemble the 2014 “50 day war” and shows no sign of slowing down.

While our thoughts are with the innocent bystanders, we must work to cripple Hamas once and for all, sending a clear message terrorist organizations do not have a home anywhere in this world.

Elise Stefanik New Conference Chair

 I want to congratulate Elise Stefanik on being elected Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference this morning in a resounding victory.

This is exciting news for both Elise and New York State as she becomes only the second Conference leader from the state, the first being Congressman Jack Kemp.

As I said in February, Liz Cheney does not represent the 70,000,000 plus Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2020. She has focused on harassing the former President and his supporters, who have carried down ticket Republicans to victory, instead of attacking the real problem at hand which is the Democrats dangerous socialist agenda.

Rep. Stefanik brings a new vision, one that is in touch with 2016 and 2020 voters, one that will look to grow and take the majority as opposed to damaging the party and keeping the gavel in Pelosi’s hand.

Elise is good for the Conference, and the New York Conservative Party. We look forward to her energized and thoughtful brand of leadership.

Pipeline Cyber Attack

A major east coast pipeline is now functioning again after being targeted by the largest infrastructure cyber-attack this country has seen.

Colonial Pipeline was shut down a week ago today after an attack was discovered against its computer system. The shutdown caused pain at the pump for consumers, many of whom had to wait in long lines for a fill up.

The pipeline that connects Texas to New Jersey is fully activated and receiving the shipments of fuel it needs to correct the week long crisis.

With the pipeline restored, it is now time to focus on the origin of the hack. It is becoming clear that this hack was carried out by the Russians and it is my sincere hope that the Biden Administration never forgets who wishes to hurt America and who our enemies really are.

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