The Oligarchs know their COVID-19 constraints are imploding; therefore, they publicly pretend to be more benevolent.

David Bossie makes this observation about President Biden’s agenda;  Buckle up for Biden’s next big crisis – our economy is in peril thanks to his radical agenda.

120 Retired US Military Officers Warn of Conflict Between Marxism, ‘Constitutional Freedom’

Potential ‘Mutinying?’: White House Press Corps Fume Over Biden Administration’s ‘Extra Control’ Over Media Coverage.

From inflation to jobs to the border, Biden is flailing — when will the media notice?  (Actually, they notice, they just choose not to report it.) Fortunately, there are some news organizations that do report on the Biden Administration’s shortfalls:  No ethics needed for President Biden’s best buddies.  And then there is this:  Biden Nominee at State Runs Center Funded Mostly by That Agency.

The adage, follow the money, still rings true:  Easy Being Green: Biden’s Clean Energy Fundraisers Reap White House Rewards.

Victor Davis Hanson writes in Daily Signal that the Biden Administration Is Mocking Ancient Wisdom.

Consumer Prices See Largest Yearly Jump Since 2008 as Evidence of Inflation Mounts.

Down the Tubes: The Tax Man Cometh.

Sorry, but they’re called ‘mothers’ — not ‘birthing people’

School Budget Spotlight 2021-22.

Teachers:  it is time to replace Randi Weingarten, seriously, is she the only person who “has your back” what about your credibility?  Teachers’-union boss fumbles on 1619 Project, school openings should scare America.  Today Randi flip-flops on school openings, my guess is that Randi can’t stand the heat from the rank and file.

Black Parent Compares Critical Race Theory to KKK Intimidation Tactics.

Bob McManus opines in City-Journal:  Cancel the Columbus, Keep the Dysfunction.

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers $5 Million Ransom: Report

‘Defund’ lash-back as New York Republicans push stronger, pro-cop laws.

8 Takeaways as Senate Panel Deadlocks on Bill to Nationalize Elections, Nullify Voter ID

America Playing With Fire.

Cuban Immigrants Warn Americans of ‘Misery for Everybody’ If They Choose Socialism: ‘Learn the Truth’

The Past and Present of the Chinese Communist Party’s Bellicosity.

Xi Jinping Talks Chaos: Pandemic Provides Favorable Situation to CCP.

The CDC is about to recommend new guidelines…CDC Announces Vaccinated Americans No Longer Need to Wear Masks Indoors in Most Situations  Updated CDC guidance will still call on Americans vaccinated for coronavirus to wear masks in crowded indoor settings, such as public transportation, hospitals, and prisons, but not schools or offices.  (What about Churches???)  And most importantly, will the Emperor allow New Yorkers to comply with the new guidelines?

Science Letter Breaks ‘Chokehold’ on COVID-Origin Narrative, Says Lab-Leak Theory ‘Viable’

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