President Biden and Gov. Cuomo, both career politicians, have little or no sympathy for the millions of people forced to pay for their largesse’s; we are their personal ATM’s.

Colin Reed: NYC mayoral primary – ranked-choice voting means things could get even worse for hard-hit city.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has no incentive to let taxpayers control their own money as long as he has a friend in the White House who also has no concerns whatsoever for the beleaguered taxpayer. New York governments are getting $24 billion in stimulus aid. Here’s where it is headed.

Professor Explains Flaw in Many Models Used for COVID-19 Lockdown Policies.

The CDC Has Been Dramatically Overstating Outdoor Transmission, According to Epidemiologists.

Mainstream media misinformation and the high cost of COVID-19 ignorance.

Rand Paul Urges Fauci to Abandon Gain-of-Function Research, Citing Possible COVID Lab Leak.

Court-Packers Say Court-Packing Is Not Court-Packing.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Department of National Child Care/ The Biden plan would cause costs to explode for little benefit.

America’s Failed Experiment in Public Housing.

Free the Gig Economy/The Biden administration wants to keep the labor market stuck in the past.

Liz Peek: Biden’s Jimmy Carter connection – here, already, is where their policies are alarmingly similar.

Katie Pavlich:   Hamas Is Now Heavily Attacking Tel Aviv.

Biden must not abandon Afghan interpreters.

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal: Diversity Over Discovery/Biden’s war on merit puts America’s scientific edge at risk.

Teachers’ union chief Randi Weingarten defends use of 1619 Project in schools.

Woke-ism will swallow our kids unless we restore the West’s great traditions.

Thankfully, people are waking up to the division the “woke movement” is doing its best to sow throughout our education systems, corporate boardrooms and our families:  Scholars Line Up to Join Anti- ‘Woke’ Online Education Platform.  Keep spreading the news that there are alternatives ways to protect our American Dreams.

Is the Biden administration the end of the American Dream?

Larry Elder’s column, Blacks Don’t Need ‘White Savior’ Politicians, should be sent to every person pushing the debunked 1619 project, but they would only call him Uncle Larry while denouncing it.

Former NFL Player: ‘We Gotta Get God Back in Our Schools’ to Solve Racial, Economic Divide.

Ransomware is a real problem and we are not doing enough to protect our everyday lives because they are too involved with preserving their power over our freedoms.  US Fuel Shortages Possible, Gas Prices Jump After Hackers Hit Colonial Pipeline: AAA.

Xi Jinping: “Marxism is winning the global ideological war”