The wolf in sheep’s clothing sheds his deception as he flaunts his fangs while feasting on our tenets.

Yes, it’s time to lift the cap on NYC charter schools.  But will the Democratic-controlled Legislature listen to common sense or remain beholden to the Teacher’s Union?

From the Epoch Times:  Trevor Loudon writes that the Socialist Revolution Is Underway in America.

Larry Kudow opines in the NY Sun:  Wait a Minute, Joe — Trump Rules Could Keep Boom Alive Another Five Years.

Pays not to work: How Biden benefits are grinding the economic recovery to a halt.

Bidenomics is already starting to slam the US economy.

The Message Washington Needs to Hear Right Now: STOP!

Victor Davis Hanson: Conservatives Need To ‘Fight Back’ Against Corporate America’s Assault On Their Values.

The Progressive movement is doing its best to destroy every aspect of the Judeo-Christian values of America’s foundation, the wolf is no longer hiding in the sheep’s clothing, it is flaunting its destructive nature.  Biden HHS Redefines Sex as Non-Biological in New ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Rule Change

This is good advice for every parent in every school that is contemplating the debunked agenda.  Dad who decried antiracism initiatives at Brearley urges parents to join fight.

A Welcome Backlash against Critical Race Theory.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey: Woke Generation Creating A ‘Miserable World … For Themselves’.

At long last, honesty.  Facebook Oversight Board member criticizes indefinite Trump ban: ‘Their rules are in shambles’

File this under: How can a federal judge be so blind?  Chief Judge Roger L. Gregory of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (a recess appointment of William J. Clinton, and then nominated by George W. Bush) indicated that he can’t discern any meaningful difference between topless females and topless males.  Thanks to Robert Knight for informing the public, in his Washington Times column, about Ocean City’s bare-chested women tops off a ridiculous woke agenda.

F.A. Hayek on ‘the Supreme Rule’ That Separates Collectivism from Individualism.

And Then There Was One: G.O.P. Defends Its Last Seat in Queens.  As State Vice Chairman, Thomas M. Long notes in the article, “The division is killing the Republican Party,” Mr. Long said. “The average person gets disgusted and walks away.”  So true, which leads us to ask you:  Isn’t New York (and our beloved America) worth fighting for?

Exclusive: Conservatives Crack Down on Chinese Political Influence and Tech.

Communist China: World’s Biggest Climate Polluter Keeps Polluting.

Cyber-Attack Shuts Down Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in US–Colonial Pipeline.

From Gatestone Institute:  China Aims to Become the World’s Leading Space Power by 2045.

Andrew Cuomo’s pathetic SALT obsession.

Bob McManus opines in the NY Post about the Cost of left’s anti-anti-crime folly: 4-year-old shot in Times Square.

Olympic-sized battle looms over transgender athletes at Tokyo games/Female athletes ‘told to be quiet’

When did unions forget they were formed to protect their members, not their leaders?  Union Leadership Evaded Pay Cuts as Pandemic Devastated Membership

A Pastoral Letter on the Human Dignity of the Unborn, Holy Communion, and Catholics in Public Life; By the Most Reverend Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco:  Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. 

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