Is a return to normal on the horizon?

Trump’s pollsters: Democrats’ racial terrorism strategy will backfire again.

America First Legal Pursuing Lawsuit Against Critical Race Theory: Stephen Miller.

Rich Lowry writes in National Review that The Cops Shoot People of Different Races for the Same Reasons

States with strictest lockdowns ruined livelihoods — without saving lives.

Andrew Cuomo alienates Democrats as scandals continue to unfold.

New report details even bigger lies by Cuomo to cover up nursing home scandal.

What could possibly go wrong…besides everything.  Cornell partners with Cuomo administration to develop citizen COVID-19 training.  What is wrong with Cornell?  Do they not read the papers?  Are they unaware that the Cuomo Administration is under investigation for their handling of COVID-19?  I really worry what the citizen COVID-19 training would include; has Cornell forgotten history or have they scrubbed the atrocities that occurred prior to WWII?

While I am on my soapbox, I must ask, what is wrong with these women?  ‘Cuomosexuals’ form Facebook fan group, flood state hotline.  I can’t help but ask if Ghislaine Maxwell would be considered a hero by them?  How can they have such little regard for the women – who worked for Cuomo – didn’t meet him in a bar while out and could control the situation – that they urge their members to confront the accusers on-line.  If any of them have daughters, is this how they want their daughters treated?  I am a woman who has worked for many an Italian man; they never treated me with the disrespect Cuomo treated his employees with.  These women who belong to this Facebook group and its offshoots are enablers of men who believe they are so charming that they can do as they please to any woman.  No man and for that matter, no woman should ever be able to take advantage of another human being under any circumstances.

Governor Cuomo and his followers must realize he truly has a problem when the Times Union, who has followed his career for ages writes this editorial:  Mr. Cuomo’s duplicity.

Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show.

This Previous Psaki Claim Reveals a Lot About the CDC’s Newest Scandal.

Inside the mental health shadow pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Oh, So Now Herd Immunity Cannot Be Obtained?

Cuomo must realize he is losing control so today he announced:   ‘Major’ reopening of New York state on May 19, lifting many capacity restrictions.   It is not at 100% yet, and social distancing/masks will still be required…but it is good news.

The US Government’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Is Worse Than Greece’s Before the 2008 Crash (And It’s About to Get Worse)

Larry Kudlow opines in the New York Sun how Biden Forgets the Order of Our System – God, the People, the Government.

How does this TV host have her own show?  Rhetorical question, Tiffany Cross is on MSNBC.  ‘From Cotton to Congress to Clown’  MSNBC Host Trashes Tim Scott, Says He’s ‘Thirsty for White Approval’.

Robert Knight always has excellence columns in the Washington Times; this one goes to the top of the list:  The war for the soul of America/Biden and his party are hollowing out the soul of the country, not rebuilding it

Joe Biden needs to stop lying about the cause of the border crisis and start fixing it.

Biden’s bogus bid to claim credit for galloping growth.

China is Trying to Break up the Five Eyes Intelligence Network.