The wolf in sheep’s clothing was on full display in the House’s Chamber last night.

The Andrew Cuomo nursing home scandal gets worse and worse.

Cuomo admin buried scientific paper on nursing home COVID deaths: report

Embattled Cuomo pursues strategy for survival.

Gov. Cuomo mocks de Blasio’s July reopening plan in feisty news conference.

Peter Schweizer writes in Gatestone Institute about Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

Communist China’s Quest for Dominance in Antarctica.

It is a shallow, self-absorbed person who takes credit for accomplishments others have achieved.   Joe Biden has a long history of plagiarism (Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate; Joe Biden’s Plagiarism Problem) so the reality of his taking credit for the successful COVID-19 vaccine should not shock anyone.  It does however, remind us that President Joe Biden puts himself before every American who appreciates what America has accomplished in her short 245 year history.  It also reminds us that President Joe Biden’s call for unity on January 20, 2021 was an empty ploy designed for headlines that the fawning mainstream media could not wait to shout from the roof tops.

Biden’s One Hundred Days of Hubris.

Biden’s Dishonest Sales Pitch.

Biden’s first big speech to Congress bombs on all counts.

Fact-Checking 7 of Biden’s Claims in His Address to Congress.

Biden’s latest multitrillion-dollar plan to reward Dem allies — and balloon government.

Biden’s bold new era of big government is a colossal mistake.

The mendacity of Joe Biden’s address to Congress.

By the way, let us be perfectly clear, the proposed American Families Plan is nothing more than a strategy to indoctrinate your children at the youngest age possible while lying to the public when it says free college – their children and grandchildren will be paying for their college bill.

The Heritage Foundation put together a video with President Biden’s biggest blunders in last night’s address.

Message to the Squad et al. who ignore certain historical facts:  How Roman Central Planners Destroyed Their Economy.

Democrats face big headaches on Biden’s $4T spending plan

New York’s total capital gains tax rate could top 50% under Biden plan.

From City Journal:  Stick It to the Rich/The Biden administration’s plans to double the tax rate on capital gains will prove costly to all Americans, not just the wealthy.

Sen. Tim Scott became the epitome of how to give a response.  Scott Outshines Biden, Enrages Libs With Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Adversity; and the progressive left losses their minds when they rush to their favorite social media site and Twitter’s hypocrisy was on full display:   ‘Uncle Tim’ trends on Twitter after Tim Scott’s Biden address rebuttal.

Media Desperately Tries to Debunk Tim Scott’s Belief America Isn’t a Racist Country.

The media and the Left’s response to Sen. Scott prove what phonies they really are.  Tim Scott responds to ‘stunning’ assault from the left: ‘They’re literally attacking the color of my skin’

Guy Benson:  The Best Lines from Tim Scott’s Excellent Speech.  Sen. Scott’s full speech is here.

Unusual Supreme Court vote rules illegal immigrant can avoid deportation on technicality.  Interesting case, interesting 6-3 split-decision and it certainly should remind all of us how important it is to be precise in what we do.

Bill Hammond provides Ten reasons to oppose ‘Albanycare’.

As NY Loses Congressional Seat, Gubernatorial Hopeful Lee Zeldin Offers a Different Path to ‘Restore Glory’

Politics Is Not the Only Game in Town.

In case you missed this; Christopher F. Rufo opines on The Courage of Our Convictions/How to fight critical race theory.