Governor Cuomo’s arrogance on full display…

Unbelievable!  The Emperor’s arrogance knows no bounds.  Cuomo says accusers ‘want attention’ in first press conference in months.  To quote Queen Gertrude: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

The NY Post notes in today’s editorial:  Cuomo signals that nothing will get him to resign.  “This was Cuomo unmasked — no more Mr. Nice Gov. Having decided he couldn’t dodge the press forever; he decided to slander his accusers and make it clear that nothing would get him out of office.”

Nursing home families still in the dark after Gov. Cuomo’s COVID disaster.

New York’s ethics’ overhaul on a slow path to reform, but will it get there?  Better question, will a fox ever be capable of truly watching the henhouse?

Parents, we send our children to school to be educated, not indoctrinated!  Here is more information to stop the indoctrination:  Critical Race Theory: The Enemy of Reason, Evidence, and Open Debate.

Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial: (subscription required) Gun Rights Return to the Supreme Court/The Justices might finally stop lower-court judges from hollowing out the landmark Heller ruling.   Our friends, Tom King executive director of the NYS Rifle and Pistol Assn., filed the case along with the NRA to hopefully “correct the lower-court judges who are trying to make the Second Amendment an empty right that ends at the gun owner’s front door.”

Another case the US Supreme Court will hear this year is: US Supreme Court weighs conservative groups’ bid to conceal donors.

Gordon G. Chang continues in expose on China in Gatestone Institute:  China Is Extending Its Totalitarian Controls to the Rest of the World.

Mr. President and Members of Congress, read this:  Infrastructure Bill Should Benefit America—Not China.

Let’s hope his backbone has strengthen since the last time he indicated he was with his constituents, before the progressives really put the pressure on him:  Manchin pumps brakes on Biden infrastructure plans

Obviously, President Biden’s inability to read the country is his Achille’s Heel:  The Memo: Biden bets ‘big government’ is back.

John Kerry is skirting the line of treason with Iran.

Dave Bossie opines on HR 1 and how election integrity will suffer.

Biden cuts off press questions: ‘I’m really gonna be in trouble’ if I keep answering.  I could say a multitude of things about President Biden’s “I’m really gonna be in trouble; if I keep answering” but I will only say this:  Why were you not as honest prior to your election??