Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses voting rights for parolees, VP Harris MIA at border and our May 26 Spring Reception.

New York Legislator Moves to Restore Voting Rights for Parolees

A bill passed earlier this year by the state Senate was also adopted by the Assembly this week paving the way to grant voting rights to every parolee in the state.

New York now becomes one of few states in the nation that allows parolees to vote and requires Department of Corrections employees to provide those individuals with a voter registration form.

When you commit felonies, you owe a debt to society and that debt is not paid in full until the convict has served their time and finished their parole obligations.

The Democratic-controlled state legislature makes it no secret that they are not interested in protecting the millions of residents and visitors who are law abiding members of society. Instead, they continue to place votes over paying the full debt to society.

They continue to empower those most willing to do harm to property and individuals, sending the message that their actions have very little consequences.

The only thing that remains for Democrats to do is add voting sites outside of our state prisons.

Vice President Harris MIA

Where is Vice President Harris, has been a question that has popped up over the last few weeks. Well, I can tell you where she is not, the Southern Border.

On March 24, President Joe Biden tasked VP Harris with leading the administrations response to the growing crisis at our border, but Harris has yet to visit Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico where illegal crossings have hit an all-time high.

The Vice President did announce her intentions to travel to Latin America last week, but continues to dodge questions regarding the humanitarian catastrophe, health risks, and the national security crisis our nation is facing.

Perhaps Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is correct when saying the Vice President is having trouble finding the border? Several members of our New York delegation have spent time visiting the border with law enforcement and seeing the issues up close. I am sure Congressmembers Garbarino, Malliotakis, Tenney, Jacobs or Katko would be more than willing to escort Vice President Harris to Donna, Texas.

2021 Spring Reception

I am very excited to have our first in-person Spring Reception May 26th in Tappan, New York.

It has been far too long since we have gathered to visit with one another and this event will give us the opportunity to do so while celebrating some very deserving honorees and their contributions.

I am happy to announce Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis will be our speaker. The Congresswoman has taken on a leading roll in Washington D.C. on behalf of New York’s 11th congressional district. She has been an outspoken critic on the Democrats attempt to pack the court, and most recently has been the leading voice on calling for the DOJ to release documents related to Saudi Arabia’s role in the September 11, 2001 atrocities.

Additionally, I am excited to award Bob Smith, an original founder of the party, with the J. Daniel Mahoney award. Bob is the President and Founder of Smith Affiliated Capital and has been active for decades. Bob is more than deserving and I look forward to honoring him.

Finally, we will present Senators Ortt, Borrello, Helming, O’Mara and Assemblyman DiPietro with our top legislative rating awards for their commitment to supporting and voting for good causes throughout New York State.

The venue is a truly special place and piece of New York history. The Old ’76 House is America’s oldest restaurant and is listed as a National Landmark.

For more information and to register click here. 

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