Lately, Gov. Cuomo does his best to avoid the Press and when he can’t he hangs up on them.

Andrew Cuomo Earned $225,000 Last Year and Is Highest Paid Governor in American History.  Your tax dollars pay his salary.  California pays Newsome $201,680, while Florida’s DeSantis earns $130,273. A complete list of what governors earn (as of 2018) is here. (By the way, Florida has not increased the governor’s salary since 2010 according to the chart; is it any wonder why people are moving to Florida in droves?)

Hmmm, even with his excessive salary (and no mortgage),  and who just a few months ago was jovial with scarcely a care, seems to lack patience these days when it comes to answering legitimate questions from the press:  Gov. Cuomo hangs up on reporter who asked if he’d resign over sexual harassment.

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This erodes public trust even more:  New York’s bail laws keep putting criminals back out on the street.

Parents you really have to step up the plate and end this insanity:  Max Eden opines in City-Journal on Taking Off the Mask/The Department of Education just made it clear that it will promote critical race theory.

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Surprise, surprise (not really):  Restaurant’s dangle bonuses amid labor shortage — and workers aren’t biting.  If people are getting paid to stay home, why would they work when they can get the same or larger check for staying home?

Larry Kudlow writes in the New York Sun: Guess Who Gets Sudden Stimulus from Biden’s Economy.

Caving to the controlling left again!  Biden Admin Announces ‘Strong Support’ For DC Statehood Bill, Says 51st State ‘Long Overdue’.  This issue is complicated and like many, I believe that in order to become a state, a Constitutional Amendment would be required.  Read what the Heritage Foundation wrote in 2007 about The Constitution and the District of Columbia.   The Hill reports that today the House approves bill to make DC a state along a party line vote.

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Biden is not done spending yet:  Biden preparing to unveil $1T ‘families plan’ spending proposal this month.

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Heather MacDonald opines in City-Journal:  The pervasive sense that cities would burn if Derek Chauvin were not convicted raises questions about whether the jury’s verdict was reached dispassionately.

No, Mr. President, the ‘soul of America’ isn’t racist.

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