Chairman Kassar discusses being back on the trail, Democrats and Court-Packing, and Bill Pepitone our mayoral candidate.

Back on the Trail

After a long delay due to travel restrictions related to the Corona Virus, I am back on the road moving party business forward. This past week, I spent two days in Washington D.C. to discuss the future for the State Conservative Party and politics in New York State.

I had meetings with several members from our state delegation which gave me an opportunity to discuss their priorities and a bit of politics. I found our delegation is focused and working hard for their districts to combat radical liberals and their dangerous, expensive agenda.

I was also happy to meet with key conservative leaders including Karen Cross, the Political Action Director of the National Right to Life Committee, Governor Scott Walker, President of Young America’s Foundation, and Dan Schneider, Executive Director of the American Conservative Union.

Additionally, I had a great meeting with Saul Anuzis, President of “60 Plus,” and Justin Richards, the Executive Director of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee to discuss our current members and some New York State candidates on the horizon.

Finally, I caught up with hard-charging Congressman Lee Zeldin to discuss his gubernatorial campaign and the next year and a half. Congressman Zeldin is focused on his district and his run to return New York to glory; a state we can all be proud of without living in fear of rising crime, taxes, and quality of life issues.

Democrats Move to Pack Supreme Court

The New York State Conservative Party condemns in the strongest possible terms efforts to expand the U.S. Supreme Court from 9 to 13 members.

In attempting to pack the court — a political impulse 75 consecutive Congresses have resisted — progressive Democrats are fiddling with the lock of a Pandora’s Box. If the Democrats succeed, what’s to stop Republicans from further expanding the court to 17 members when they next regain power? What’s to then stop Democrats from going to 21?

The Supreme Court was never intended to be the plaything of temporary partisan passions, and it should not be now for the benefit of either party. Its role is to interpret the constitutionality of our laws, not advance shortsighted political agendas. We urge level-headed members of Congress from all political backgrounds to stop this ill-conceived bill dead in its tracks.

We have seen a once prosperous nation, Venezuela, pack their courts with handpicked judges selected to act as an arm of the Hugo Chavez regime. The result? Between the years of 2004 and 2013, 45,000 rulings were examined, not once did they rule against Chavez and his Government.

That is not democracy, that is not freedom, that is socialism at its ugliest and mark my words, court-packing will be bad for America and its future.

Bill Pepitone for Mayor

The New York Conservative Party has its own candidate for Mayor, former NYPD office Bill Pepitone. This is not unusual as the party has run candidates solely endorsed by the Conservative Party including Bill Buckley, Barry Farber, Mario Biaggi, and George Marlin amongst others.

Bill was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, in a family of public servants. His father was a New York City Police Officer, Firefighter and Fire Marshal, His mother was a medical assistant, his uncle served as a detective with the NYPD Street Crime and Career Criminals Unit, and his grandfather served in the United States Navy.

It was inevitable that Bill would answer the call to serve the people, in 1989, Bill Pepitone joined the New York Police Department. During his career, he was assigned to Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South Task Force, and the NYPD Police Academy’s Physical Training and Tactics Department.

Like most of us across the country, Bill Pepitone is devastated by what is happening to our freedoms, our livelihoods, our businesses, and our safety within our communities.  These are some of the reasons, he chose to run for Mayor of New York City.

To learn more about Bill, or to get involved, click here.

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