The Emperor has warts and the NY Times magazine writes all about them.

FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) has two  articles worth the read: A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’ and Panic Has Led to Government “Cures” That Are Worse than the Disease, History Shows.

Gavin Newsom Taken to the Legal Woodshed at SCOTUS. Again.

Democrats are redefining ‘infrastructure’ to justify Biden’s slush fund.  When you read some of what Sen. Gillibrand describes as infrastructure, you ask yourself, does she really think we are that ignorant to believe her, or is she that uneducated that she believes it herself?  Either way, the fact that Ms. Gillibrand is New York’s US Senator – writing and voting on laws that have the ability to change our lives – is a problem.   A review of her time in Congress (Since 2007 in the House, then appointed to the Senate in 2009) Sen. Gillibrand has only had one bill signed into law.  In 14 years, one bill signed into law and that was designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 4558 Broadway in New York, New York, as the “Stanley Michels Post Office Building”.  Her overall rating by the American Conservative Union is 4.44 %; while the Americans for Democrat Action gave her a 95% for 2019.  More information from Americans for Democrat Action can be found here.   After reviewing her record, I believe Senator Gillibrand actually believes what she tweeted.  New Yorkers deserve better, unfortunately she is not up for re-election until November, 2024.

Liz Peek: Biden’s fake economic news – this is how Democrats justify their radical spending binge.

Is this a good use of your tax dollars?  If federal employees can take off four months for this, why is it they have a job with the federal government if they can take a four month paid leave?  Biden Administration Offers Four Month Paid Leave to Federal Employees Who Care for Illegal Alien Children.

Roger Kimball opines about the Grasping for Raw Power Behind the Biden Chaos.

2 Students Who Grew Up in Venezuela Warn About Danger of Socialism.

Cal Thomas writes in the Washington Times:  What loss of liberties looks like under the Biden presidency.

China: Compromising U.S. Elected Officials.

Donald Devine sees positivity in America’s religious congregations; not the decline that the secular media reports.

How Far Left Infiltrated Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It.

File this under:  You can’t make this bizarre New York law suit up.   New York parent seeks OK to marry their own adult child.

Good for him!  Herschel Walker considering US Senate bid in Georgia.

60 Minutes Shows Absolutely No Remorse for Its Corrupt DeSantis Smear.

ICYMI: Actually, Cuomo Knew the COVID Nursing Home Death Toll…And Still Cooked the Books.

The New York Times magazine shows the Emperor’s warts while giving all a peek at what made him the person he has become…a man who believes he is above the law, or as he once noted “I am the government.”