Message to the Progressive Left: Utopia – a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions – cannot be created by your ideology.

Cuomo’s $4M book deal is looking like yet another crime.

Democrats in the NYS Legislature need a crash course in basic economics, but alas, it is probably too late for them to understand that all this will do is create an even greater exodus of our wealthy and job-producers from New York State.  NY budget will likely hike taxes on state’s top earners to highest in the country.  Seriously, why would they want to stay in a state who punishes them for being successful?  Many New Yorkers may believe this massive tax increase will not affect them; nothing could be farther from the reality of massive tax increases.  When the exodus takes place (it has and will continue) who is left to pay the bills?  You are; and most likely you will not be able to flee the high rates.  Senior citizens, young working couples, parents with children who depend on grandparents to help watch children, most in these groups will be tethered to New York because to get up and move is not within their financial means.  The democrats refuse to acknowledge economic facts; and those left in New York will continue to watch the once Empire State become the Exodus state.  On the bright side and being an eternal optimist, the average New Yorker understands New Yorkers cannot and will not sustain these massive taxes and will change the political outlook in 2022 to save our state.

NY lawmakers rush to blur the difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

Apparently, it isn’t only the democrats in New York.  Democrats in Washington, DC are living in their own world also;  The Memo: Biden’s bet on taxes.  Do the democrats really think we are that ill-informed and we will believe the malarkey they are trying to sell?  “Raising taxes …  will not slow the economy at all,” Biden said in response to a question from Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News at a White House news conference Friday. “Asking corporate America to pay their fair share will not slow the economy at all.” Mr. President, perhaps you should rethink the disaster of the Obama Administration which was exactly why Donald J. Trump was elected.

This is our wake-up call; Elections have consequences.  We are feeling the consequences of the 2020 elections across the country; 2022 is barreling toward us; be prepared, stay informed and make it your goal that your taxes are not being squandered. America doesn’t punish success; America, has always been a country that celebrates your hard work and financial success.  Ask those who escaped from socialist countries; the countries you and your progressive friends are trying to turn America into.  Utopia is a myth.

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Robert Knight’s writes in the Washington Times:  Easter proclaims that Jesus is Lord of all.  A beautiful message this Easter Week, especially after the year we just went through that doesn’t even minutely equal the excruciating death Jesus suffered for each of us.  Thank you, Robert Knight for writing this column and the Washington Times for printing this column, and for reminding us of the freedom that America stands for…at least for now.

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