President Joe Biden needs a refresher course on what made American the greatest nation in the world and he needs it immediately.

President Biden has many “slips of the tongue” however, this was no slip:  Biden Calls the Republicans ‘Un-American’.  Some advice, Mr. President:  Stop lying about wanting to unite America.  In the 69 days you have been president, sorry to say, you have not uttered one word that has helped unite our country, unless, of course, you believe that America has abandoned her US Constitution and delved into a progressive movement that will never succeed.    Why are you so fearful of states requiring Voter ID, after all, you want everyone vaccinated, and an ID must be provided to get vaccinated.

More proof that the Biden Administration is out of step with Americans:  Biden to announce up to $4 trillion infrastructure plan with massive tax hikes.  There is no doubt that our infrastructure needs repairs, but something tells me that there are more progressive dreams coming in this proposal and they will get precedence over the needed repairs.  Necessary repairs must take priority and be passed as a stand-alone bill.  Obama’s shovel ready boondoggle should have taught Biden that lesson.  If you think you will escape the proposed new taxes, think again.

Mr. President why are you doing this:  Biden admin asks for government volunteers at the border amid crisis, when you and your administration keep telling us there is no crisis at the border.

Kamala Harris’ schedule shows Team Biden’s true border priorities.

Hmmm, Biden Nominates Gayle Manchin, Joe Manchin’s Wife, For ‘Key’ Co-Chair of Federal Commission.  Interesting.  Read about the Appalachian Regional Commission here; hopefully Mrs. Manchin is a good match for the Commission.

Andrew C. McCarthy writes in National Review about the case for prosecuting Hunter Biden.

Opinion: Tim Scott: Let’s set the record straight on ‘woke supremacy’ and racism.

Victor Davis Hanson writes in American Greatness:  Is Racism Moral Now?

From the Daily Signal: 6 Goals in Black Lives Matter’s New ‘Impact Report’

From Gatestone Institute:  China Grabbing Whitsun Reef: ‘Sudetenland’ in Slow Motion and US, China, Russia and Thucydides Trap.  From Victor Davis Hanson writing in the Daily Signal: China Continues to Show Its Contempt for US.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature plans are providing more reasons for New York’s wealthiest to move out of state.

Albany’s race to pay off friends — while shunning everyday New Yorkers.

This is how the Democratic-controlled Legislature computes math equations to balance budget needs:  School enrollment declines; Legislature provides more money.

File this under completely misguided:  If you live in San Diego, the education of migrant children is placed ahead of our own students.  Jen Psaki Fails to Explain Why Illegal Immigrant Children Are Getting In-Person Instruction.

From Bad to Worse in New York/ The city council’s new reform package offers little hope of getting crime under control.

Mail-In Voting Audit of Montana’s 2020 Elections Finds Significant Number of Irregularities.  Yet Congress (and their partners in the main stream media) are demanding HR 1/S 1 be adopted.

Cal Thomas opines about Jim Crow and the Georgia Voting Law.  Rich Lowry’s has this to say:  Comparing Georgia’s new voting law to Jim Crow is a disgusting smear.

The New York Times Can’t Get Basic Facts Right on Election Reform.

David Harsanyi:  No to DC Statehood.

If the Excelsior Pass Wallet app (Nation’s first ‘vaccine passport’ coming to New York) is going to be required to attend concerts etc., why is a Voter ID not required for voting?

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