Gov. Cuomo’s controversies are multiplying…Johns Hopkins University is reporting NY’s COVID-19 deaths are 10,000 more than NY State’s own trackers numbers.

All the gun restriction laws ever written will not stop a person determined to get a gun from getting one. NYC teen, alleged gang member jailed after his fifth gun arrest, but they will harm good, honest people who have a 2nd Amendment right to own a gun. Today’s Rasmussen Report indicates that 76% of their poll supports the 2nd Amendment.

File this under total abuse of his office:  Cuomo admin. kept COVID tests from nursing homes as gov’s kin got them.   Then there is this:  New York set to surpass 50,000 COVID-19 deaths, but NY’s tracker is only approaching 40,000.

Newsday is reporting Cuomo controversies strain his relationship with Biden.  Shouldn’t the headline be:

Cuomo controversies stain his relationship with the citizens of New York State, how many other controversies will we learn about while the investigations go on?  New (NUMBER 9!) Andrew Cuomo accuser Sherry Vill speaks out alongside Gloria Allred.

Will you please explain this Governor:  NY’s trek back to economic normalcy still far behind the rest of U.S.

The Times Union is reporting that the new marijuana law may be signed into law this week and two years to implement.  Part of the message the Legislature is sending our youth, is that marijuana is okay and 40% of the sales tax revenues will be spent on your education, while 20% will go to drug treatment and public education programs.  Great message, isn’t it?  We are now on the precipice of educating our children with drug money, while only half that amount will go to drug treatment, mental health treatment and public education.  Do you think they have their priorities up-side-down?  Read more about what is in this ill-advised bill here.   

Michael Goodwin writes about the scare-Crow tactics of Democrats.

Dinesh D’Souza: My Experience With ‘Woke’ Corporations.

Did anyone expect anything different?  WHO Report Dismisses COVID Lab-Leak Hypothesis.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times:  Big Tech’s Masters of the Universe fueling the Marxist revolution and destroying America.