Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses DiPietro/Rath bill to get students back in classes, President Biden showing his age, Facebook discussion with Assemblyman Ra and CPNYS enrollment is UP.

Rath, DiPietro Introduce School Legislation

Senator Ed Rath and Assemblyman DiPietro have teamed to introduce common sense legislation that would permit school districts to open to students for in-person instruction if the school is capable of maintaining 3 feet of distance between students.

The bill has been introduced in the Senate and Assembly. Additionally, it is supported by the New York State Academy of Pediatrics.

“There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a February press conference.

The prolonged school closures have left many families confused and frustrated, rightfully so. The goalposts have continually moved while the CDC has given no indication that schools should remain closed. The teachers who continue to boycott returning to the classroom are putting children years behind and keeping many of them in environments that are far more dangerous than the care and supervision of attending in-person school 5 days a week.

“There is no reason for schools that are otherwise compliant with the bevy of safety guidelines and restrictions should be prevented from reopening because they lack the space to keep students 6-feet apart. Many schools simply do not have the physical square footage to be able to realistically comply with this executive order, said Assemblyman DiPietro who introduced the bill in the State Assembly.

President Biden Showing His Age

A lot of political hay has been made of President Biden’s multiple falls going up the stairway to board Air Force One. I have kept away from direct political commentary in as much I find the event troubling on a different scale. The President could have seriously hurt himself. That is something that should concern all Americans.

It is not political theater but a reality that the 78-year-old President has physical issues that could affect him and as such the nation. Just imagine if he had slipped down a few of the steps seriously twisting an ankle or injuring a bone or breaking his hip. It would, for a period of time, cause anxiety from Main Street to Wall Street, as well as in foreign Capitals.

Yesterday, the President gave his first press conference since taking office and far too often sounded incoherent and seemed to lose his train of thought. Midway through answering a question he abruptly stopped and ended the sentence with “uh, anyways.” It was not a funny moment, it was concerning and hit home the fact that the President is of a very advanced age.

President Biden’s job is grueling and demanding, but Americans deserve transparency and a Commander in Chief who communicates with the country often. Only time will tell if Biden is capable to fulfill his duties.

Live with Assemblyman Ed Ra

I was pleased to be joined by New York State Assemblyman Ed Ra, the ranking Republican of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, Tuesday night to discuss the upcoming New York State budget.

The full interview can be seen here. I encourage anyone with a curiosity or interest of the budget and how Governor Cuomo and the Democratic majority continue to spend wildly and tax New Yorkers, listen to this interview. The video will be pinned to the top of our Facebook page for easy access.

New York Conservative Party Gets Boost

On behalf of the state party, I would like to thank the thousands who have joined the party over the last year for trusting in us to advocate on behalf of you. We welcome you with open arms.

With the increase, we now stand at 154,000 active members up from 147,000 in February of 2020.

Additionally, this past election cycle, we received nearly 300,000 votes on the Conservative Party line for President Trump. It is clear many New Yorkers believe in the work of the party.

It is my hope that we can continue to show to our members, and potential future members, that we are on the forefront of every fight worth fighting and supporting good candidates throughout our great state.

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