Gov. Cuomo’s list of why he is being investigated just keeps getting longer and longer.

From E. J. McMahon:  Legislature seeks huge tax and spending hikes in next NY budgetToday’s NY Post editorial calls it as it is:  “…the Legislature’s addiction to spending is strong; the bailout just gives it reason to get greedier.”

Here’s the List of the Top 20 States Getting ‘COVID’ Bailout Money (And Why It Raises a Giant Red Flag).

Bello says Cuomo should resign; says he was called by NYS vaccine head to gauge ‘position’ on governor.

The list keeps getting longer and longer:  New York Senate eyeing probe of Cuomo’s group home COVID policy.

Joe Concha on Washington Post’s correction to Trump-Georgia election story: ‘Big stuff’.   Washington Post correction points to larger issue with agenda-driven anonymous sources.

The Gatestone Institute has a message for President Biden:  Yemen’s Houthi Rebels are Iranian-backed Terrorists.

From City Journal:  The Left’s New Constitution/A raft of new legislation seeks to enshrine racial preferences into American society.

From the LA Times (it is good to see the LA Times remember President Ronald Reagan)  Op-Ed: Look to the Reagan administration for the answer to the China challenge.  Good advice for President Joe Biden, “…These efforts must apply Reagan’s fundamental insight — to win against a rival of China’s magnitude requires sustained pressure against the true sources of the adversary’s power. (emphasis added.)

China Hikes Defense Budget Again as US Weighs Flatlining Pentagon Spending.

This, President Biden, is not a good idea:  Biden reportedly planning largest tax hike in almost 30 years.

Huge fight looms over raising taxes.

McCarthy Rips Biden Over Border Crisis, Says He Needs to See ‘What He’s Created’

DHS secretary: Illegal immigration on border at highest rate in two decades.

Terror suspects are part of border surge, warns Rep. John Katko.

Our prayers go out to Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay and his family on the passing of his beloved father, H. Douglas Barclay.