Democrats are about to encourage New Yorkers to leave the Empire State.

Rent Control Is Making a Comeback in US Cities—Even as It Is Proving a Disaster in Europe.

Cuomo’s Schedules for the Peak of New York’s Pandemic Show Limited Contact with Outside Experts

Knowing what he has learned throughout this year, Governor Cuomo is a heartless, cold, micro-manager person to allow this to continue.  He has incapable of empathy for those who need it most. Team Cuomo gave group homes a deadly COVID mandate too — and it’s still in effect

Andrew Cuomo’s weakness puts all of New York at risk.

Gov. Cuomo is rightly facing calls to resign — but for the wrong crime.

Embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo Defends Democratic Tradition of Sexual Harassment.

Conservative Chair Calls for Hochul To Be Involved in Key Decisions Immediately.

Mayor de Blasio, on the other hand, has no problem reading the tea leaves and the newspapers, and blasts his nemesis:  De Blasio_ ‘Thoroughly corrupt’ Cuomo must resign to save lives.

NY legislature proposes nearly $7 billion in new taxes on wealthy.  See our response here.  For your information, in 1970 New York State had 41 Congressional Districts, when reapportionment takes place next year, we will lose at least one, possibly two seats, bringing us down to 26 (possibly 25) Congressional Districts.  The land mass of New York has not changed; people leaving in droves has reduced our representation in Congress.  (The Assembly, by contrast, has 150 Members, set by the NYS Constitution, and that number has been consistent since the 1938 Constitutional Convention was adopted.)  Spending in NYS is driving taxes up and driving people out.  Perhaps the time to reduce the number of Assembly Members has come.

E. J. McMahon: Through January, New York was still 1 million jobs in the hole. (Yet the Democrats in the legislature want to raise taxes on businesses…did they all fail economics?

Also, from The Empire Center:  Historic Decline in NY Public School Enrollment?

Peter Schweizer writes for Gatestone Institute:  China and Military Power through Artificial Intelligence.

Finally, some college professors are being responsible:  Cornell Faculty Revolt Against China Partnership

Robert Knight opines about exposing the left’s radical version of ‘normal’ in the Washington Times.

Halting the Energizer Bunny of ‘Wokeness’

Calls for unity really mean ‘stop disagreeing with Biden’

However, we can have unity despite political differences, if one has respect for the other.  Friendships that transcend differences — a Chesterton legacy.

Here is some good food for thought:  Fighting Totalitarianism with Beauty.

Joe Concha opines in The Hill:  The media fact-checkers finally come for Joe Biden.  

Joe Biden and the extreme left’s Equality Act would cancel religious freedom.

Biden’s threat of more lockdowns is disconnected from reality.

It looks like the Biden Administration is also looking to hike taxes…to help pay for the massive COVID-19 relief bill that did little for those who have been hurt most by government’s major shutdown.

From the City Journal:  Crossing the Line/The CDC stretched its authority to halt evictions, but it has taken a hands-off approach to preventing the spread of Covid-19 across the southern border.

Parents and grandparents, if your children are away at college, this is a must read:  Biden Prepares to Strip College Students of Due Process Rights.

File this under “Officially lost her mind:”  Pelosi Blames Trump for Border Crisis, Says Biden Inherited ‘Broken System’