Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the House Democrats radical agenda, Albany’s Democrats and the Governor’s Race.

House Democrats Push Radical Agenda

The Democratic majority has been busy forcing their radical, partisan agenda down the throats of tax paying, law abiding citizens since the beginning of the 117th Congress in January.

This week it was H.R.1/ S.1, better known as “For the Politicians Act.” H.R.1/ S.1 outlaws voter ID, implements same day voter registration, begins public financing of federal elections, and supports the groundwork for Washington D.C. statehood.

At a time when confidence in our election system is at an all-time low, we should not be passing legislation that bans voter ID and allows for same day voter registration giving our election boards no time to vet new registrants properly.

H.R.1/ S.1 isn’t about protecting the rights of voters, it’s about seizing control of our time-tested state election processes to benefit the Democratic Party. This massive federal overreach would politically weaponize the Federal Election Commission (FEC), a traditionally bipartisan commission, and force taxpayers to pay for the re-elections of career politicians. It would further discourage Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights by abolishing privacy laws that protect them from the left’s pernicious cancel culture tactics. Any way you look at this bill it screams Big Brother.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a reform bill that bans chokeholds and alters the so-called qualified immunity for law enforcement, which would make it easier to pursue claims of police misconduct, was also passed in the House. This bill does nothing but make an already tough job more difficult on law enforcement and allows for the defunding of police and their equipment, such as bulletproof vests.

This last week, Democrats in Congress showed the American people once again their wallets and personal safety mean nothing to them. It is imperative we work to take back the majority in 2022 to stop even more radical legislation from making it to the House floor.

Smoke and Mirrors from Albany Democrats

 Democrats in the State Legislature provided us with more lip service this past week as they pretended to work tirelessly for the people of New York and strip embattled Governor Cuomo of his emergency powers.

The bill passed by the Legislature merely affects new Executive Orders and allows the previous orders to be extended beyond April 30, with the Governor being allowed to amend them if his Department of Health deems its a necessity. The reality is that potential new orders will cover any area imaginable.

With the trust in our Governor and State Department of Health being at an all-time low following the revelation of the nursing home death cover ups, and yesterday’s breaking news that the Cuomo Administration altered documents and withheld data since at least July, Governor Cuomo should not only lose all his emergency powers immediately and into the future, he should resign his seat immediately.

Now is not the time for Democrats to play games in Albany, with all the information we have received the past few weeks, it is clear, Andrew Cuomo is not fit to serve anyone other than Andrew Cuomo.

Governor’s Race

 I was pleased to hear that Congressman Lee Zeldin is exploring a race for Governor. There is no doubt he is a very strong candidate capable of running a good race and representing the state of New York.

He joins Congressman Tom Reed who has also expressed interest, and would be a formidable candidate.

I suspect others will also come forward, but, the bottom line is that the Governorship is in play and with the right candidate, we could be looking at a much needed changing of the guard in Albany.

Recent polling also indicates Senator Chuck Schumer is overstaying his welcome as the Senior Senator from New York. 2022 is shaping up to be a very important year for our state as voters from many political parties have woken up to the reality of what Governor Cuomo is doing to our great state.

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