Did Governor Cuomo miss the required sensitivity training classes or just ignore what was discussed?

Michael Goodwin writes in Sunday’s NY Post:  An AG probe is now a must for Andrew Cuomo.  Mr. Goodwin lays out an excellent case for the need of an investigation; however, I would disagree with Mr. Goodwin as to whom should be doing the investigation.  The evidence cries out for more information, and while AG James produced an excellent report on the nursing home scandal, Andrew Cuomo’s indiscretions and deceptions that have become public must be investigated by a special counsel with no connection to the any of the principles.  Update:  Fortunately, the news outlets are reporting that Cuomo Drops Fight, Lets AG Pick Special Counsel as Dems Call for His Resignation and Cuomo Agrees To AG’s Demands For Broad Investigation Powers And Says He “Never Intended To Offend Anyone”.

The Governor’s statement shows how insensitive he is and that he does not listen, understand, or care about others despite his public persona that tries to portray that he is a sensitive, caring individual.  When a woman (or man) has suffered a trauma (sexual assault survivor) a true mentor would never, ever think of being playful and make jokes that they think are funny regarding sex to a sexual assault survivor.  Yet, that is exactly what Andrew Cuomo did. “I do, on occasion, tease people in what I think is a good natured way. I do it in public and in private.” A mentor would care and protect the individual; not rip off their scab to expose the wound again.  Here is another occasion that the inuendo is obvious – he did this on front of his daughter, no less – yet, the journalist has no problem with his remarks; thereby giving tacit permission to the Governor to continue his sexual banter.

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