Who reminds you more of Coriolanus Snow, President Joe Biden or Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Ryan T. Anderson, explains the inequalities that Congress is set to pass this week; please read his op-ed, then call or email your representative (scroll to New York) in Congress and ask then to vote NO on HR 5.  Biden’s Equality Act is a danger to women’s and conscience rights.   And while you are speaking to them, please express you opposition to HR 1, as explained below.

From the Institute for Free Speech;  Analysis: H.R. 1’s Speech Provisions are Unconstitutional and Harmful to Democracy.  More on HR 1:  Analysis of H.R. 1 (Part One): “For the People Act” Is Replete with Provisions for the Politicians.

From the Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required.)  Inside the Mind of a Biden Regulator.  Also, from the WSJ:  Big Tech Employees Opened Wallets for Biden Campaign  (Something we all surmised; now we know for sure.)

Great reporting by the NY Post and its ace reporters Bernadette Hogan, Carl Campanile and Bruce Golding. Thank you continuing to shine the light on this very unfortunate disaster.  Government memo crushes Cuomo’s defense in COVID nursing home scandal.

Saturday’s NY Post editorial:  Feds’ probe of Cuomo’s nursing-home scandal needs to be interference-free.

Cuomo takes gaslighting to shocking extremes.

NY Assemblyman Ron Kim says Cuomo impeachment should be discussed over nursing home deaths.

Doctor denies claim he was Gov. Cuomo’s ‘chief adviser’ in COVID-19 response.

Cuomo, de Blasio, and New York’s Future.

NY Governor Emergency Powers: What are they?

Gregg Jarrett:  Cuomo’s nursing home scandal — what are the crimes that may have been committed?

There is something seriously wrong with Mayor de Blasio! Why are innocent NYC residents being denied ice-skating when DJT has been responsible for fixing and maintaining it for years? NYC shutting Central Park ice rinks to kids to freeze out Trump Organization.  Time to act like an adult, Mr. Mayor.  Fortunately, this vindictive political decision has been reversed.  NYC finally makes right call on Trump-run ice rinks.

If it were up to this man, every prison would be emptied, no one would ever be sent to a prison again and the innocent victims of their crimes would be the ones to afraid to leave their homes.  Chesa Boudin is more than misguided and should be a defense attorney; not a district attorney.  Son of 1981 Brink’s truck robbers’ lobbies Cuomo to commute dad’s sentence.   Hopefully his cop-killing father will never get out.

If China betrays its deal with the Vatican, how will China treat President Biden whose son has a close relationship with them?

Biden Cannot Allow the Taliban to Destroy Trump’s Peace Legacy.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times that the Washington Post confirms the certifiably crazy times in America.

Wikipedia has never really been a good source of information since anyone person can go in to add or detract from any article they consider inaccurate, this confirms not to use as a source of information. Inside Wikipedia’s leftist bias: socialism pages whitewashed, communist atrocities buried

From the Daily Signal:  What Left-Wing Educators Don’t Teach During Black History Month.

How the COVID-19 Censors Killed the Truth.

A National Disgrace/The federal budget process threatens America’s future.

What Has Happened to Our Sense of Shame?