Emperor Cuomo’s armor has a chink in it…and the more he tries to fix it, the bigger it gets.

Conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh, loses battle with lung cancer at age 70.

From the City-Journal:  Rush’s Monument.

Rest in Peace, Rush, you will be sorely missed by all, thankfully your wisdom will live on.

Hmm. AOC what do you have to say about this?  Bloomberg: Venezuela Turns to Privatization After Being Bankrupted by Socialism.

Ivy League Study Warns Biden’s Expensive ‘Stimulus’ Plan Will Hurt Economy in the Long Term.

FBI, U.S. attorney in Brooklyn probing Cuomo administration on nursing homes.

Gov. Cuomo tries to bully Ron Kim, The Post over nursing home scandal.

NY Assembly Democrats stand behind Ron Kim in Gov. Cuomo feud.

Expect more lies, bullying and pandering from a wounded Cuomo.

Another Deadly Decision by Cuomo: Ventilators.

Cuomo lied and covered it up — we need a federal investigation to find the truth.

Pressure mounts on Cuomo over COVID deaths at nursing homes.

Cuomo’s constitutional violations require removal from office.

False Hero of the Pandemic.

Andrew Cuomo, Crumbling Media Darling.

From the Daily Signal:  5 Keys to Understanding Cuomo’s COVID-19 Cover-up in New York.

Cal Thomas opines about Andrew Cuomo’s Deadly Lie; Mr. Thomas has another gem in his Where’s the Beef column.

File this under “Too much time on his hands”  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math Push.

File this under “How to push more New Yorkers out of New York State”  NY lawmakers pitch tax hike for those making $300,000+

If New York’s Emperor truly followed the facts/science he would not be considering the legalization of marijuana in New York state for any reason, but he is in such a deep hole, the emperor is placating those on his left and trying to fool New Yorkers that the projected revenues will help resolve the monetary problems due to his shutting down businesses in NYS.  There is a rampant drug problem in New York and the rest of America; legalizing a Schedule 1 drug will only send a message that drug use is acceptable.   It is a shameful message that only oligarchs would use to keep control over those whom they ruleThe last few days shows what an oligarch New York’s emperor is.  If Governor Cuomo is dedicated to pulling New York out of the financial mess he helped create when forcibly closing New York’s business, he has an alternative:  allow New York to start hydrofracking!  Our citizens need good jobs and the secondary jobs that come with a vibrant economy.

Mr. President, did you or your staff consider for just one minute of the consequences of your Executive Order?  Rural Electric Companies Hit Hard by Keystone XL Cancellation.

Texas Power Crisis Puts Keystone XL Cancelation in Perspective.

Newt Gingrich: Joe Biden is Trumpism’s best asset — why do Washington elites find this so hard to understand?

Another great column by Jeff Minick:  Dimming the IQ of America