President Biden: What do you have against Americans?


Commentary: Does Anyone Really Think Impeachment Take Two is About Upholding the Constitution?

The Other F-Word of the Managerial Elites.

It is so helpful having a friend (or two) in the White House:  WHO says COVID-19 unlikely to have leaked from China lab. Here is the National Review’s assessment of the WHO report.

William McGurn writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required): How to Keep America Polarized/Democrats are happy to throw over any rule, custom or convention that gets in their way.

Schumer: Impeachment Trial Will Be ‘Fair and Honest.’ Here’s A Look at Who’s Running It.  If you believe him, the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale.

From the Daily Signal:  We Need Civil Rights for All, Not Just a Select Few.  Ken Blackwell has more on President Biden’s choice for his Justice Department here.

Climate Change Follies/President Biden’s war on fracking will raise electricity prices while accomplishing nothing on climate.

Unity or Union Loyalty? President Biden’s early actions suggest that he’ll back teachers’ unions against a growing consensus in favor of school choice.

Cancel Culture Goes Down Rabbit Hole of Absurdity.

Empire Center Breaks Down State Budget and Taxes in Updated Budget App.

‘Follow the science’: Biology trumps identity when it comes to sports.

Craig Trainor writes in City-Journal about Taking on “Progressive Prosecutors”/District attorneys who refuse to enforce the criminal law are violating their oath to support and defend the Constitution—and could be challenged on those grounds.

Did anyone think she would?  AOC: ‘I will not apologize’ for claiming Ted Cruz ‘almost had me murdered’

Biden kills pipelines at home but promotes them for the Taliban

 Biden establishes new tent city to process surge of illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden, the New Brezhnev.