President Joe Biden is the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing

Another impeachment overreach: Democrats mutilate the Constitution to ban Trump.

Andrew McCarthy: Trump impeachment trial – what you need to know, what may surprise you.  A very interesting assessment of the politics of impeachment.

Why is the Press silent on his actions? (It is a rhetorical question since we all know the answer,)  Chuck Schumer Used Violent Rhetoric to Sic A Mob on Two Supreme Court Justices.

The Trauma of Her Moral Highness, AOC.

Peter Schweizer opines about Chasing the Dragon in a Gatestone Institute article.

Will the Trump Successes in the Middle East Survive?

All this time Governor Cuomo thought it was New York State, he even wrote a book about his leadership.    Ron DeSantis’s Florida is the unsung success story of coronavirus.

Even a lawsuit doesn’t get Team Cuomo to come clean on nursing-home deaths

New York Reveals Another 1,516 COVID-19 Deaths in Long-Term Care Facilities.

As if the above isn’t enough, the Emperor of New York is looking to gut independent redistricting and lock in Dem gains says former gubernatorial candidate John Faso who knows a thing or two about redistricting.

Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s big government approach – here’s how he’ll hurt businesses, workers, families.

John Gizzi writes about Barbara Keating-Edh;  Remembering Barbara Keating: A Conservative Crusader on Two Coasts.  Be sure to tune into Facebook on Tuesday, February 9 at 7:00 PM when John Gizzi joins Chairman Kassar to discuss all things political.

Jeff Minick writes an article, from his heart, that most of the people reading this blog will relate to and feel the same way.  Looking Over My Shoulder While Looking Ahead.

Also from Intellectual Takeout is Paul Gottfried’s Playing Favorites with Liz vs. Marjorie, a very perceptive article well worth reading.  As is this article: Transgenderism Stems from Feminism’s Failure to Deal with Marilyn Monroe also from  Intellectual Takeout

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times about Today’s mad science: Hijacked and repurposed to suit progressive agendas.

The Theology of Environmentalism Is Settled.

From The Hill:  Biden makes inroads with progressives.  Makes inroads?  Who is misleading whom?  He is leading the charge!  President Joe Biden is the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This is not the way to go President Joseph Biden are you truly this heartless?  Biden’s $15 minimum wage would cost 1.4 million jobs: CBO.

Joe Biden’s Immigration Crisis Is Just Beginning.  Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ at Biden for immigration actions

Justice Dept. drops suit accusing Yale of bias against Asian and White applicants.

Victor Davis Hanson asks a very real question:  Will Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback?  Only YOU can answer it; America’s future is in YOUR hands. Begin with this assignment:  Don’t Let Critical Theory Cancel History. Kay C. James, President of Heritage Foundation reminds all of us to not let 2020’s election problems turn into law.  Gatestone Institute explains:  If You Thought the 2020 Elections Were Chaotic, Just Wait.

From the Daily Signal: Will Biden Force Taxpayers to Fund Massive International Monetary Fund Bailout of China?

Joe Biden’s family is still cashing in on the name.

Tricky Joe Biden’s family influence: Devine

Also, from the Daily Signal: In Age of ‘Reality Czar,’ Preserving Religious Freedom More Important Than EverNo, We Don’t Need a ‘Reality-Czar’: Let Truth and Falsehood Grapple.

The COVID-19 relief package heads to a conference committee (two different bills passed – conference committee presents one bill to be passed by both Houses), the Daily Signal has 6 things to know about Democrats’ COVID-19 package here.