AOC follows Rahm Emanuel’s misguided advice of never letting a serious crisis go to waste…

AOC, aka the Drama Queen, showed her true manipulative side:  AOC blasted for exaggerating her ‘trauma’ from Capitol riot experience.  It really is pathetic that a fellow human being tried to exploit the terrible circumstances that occurred on January 6.  She should hang her head in shame, but I doubt if she will even apologize to those who were there let alone all those who watched her self-serving video.  Now we learn that AOC DEMANDS FOLLOWERS REPORT CONSERVATIVES MAKING FUN OF HER TO BIG TECH.  AOC, in case you can’t tell the difference, I am not making fun of you, just letting our readers know what a unscrupulous egomaniac you really are.

Here’s how much Cuomo’s COVID ‘mountain’ prop really cost the state.   It’s good to know that the Cuomo Administration “fudged” the original cost of Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 mountain; however, the bigger question is: if 40,000 copies were purchased for $11.50, (plus tax, shipping and handling) for the 22-inch-by-28-inch painting, I find that something is amiss with the “fact” that says state officials claim they’re making no profit on [the sales] as the poster is being produced “at cost.” Who is producing the poster?  One of the many agencies the Governor controls?  Many similar sized posters are produced by private companies and they make a profit [otherwise they wouldn’t be selling posters], so how is it that the state isn’t making a profit?  Or is the profit going to the Governor’s campaign since they paid for the original mountain?  Where exactly is the money going?  Certainly, the taxes being collected are going to NYS.  One small rather insignificant – when compared to the real problems facing New Yorkers -article, so many questions.

A Letter from Washington Shrinks New York’s Budget Gap by $2 Billion or More.  But it doesn’t help in the long run because the state now thinks it has carte blanche to keep spending.

Kudos to acting Albany Supreme Court Justice Kimberly O’Connor:  Cuomo Health Dept. illegally withheld COVID nursing home death toll: judge.  New Yorkers may finally get some real answers.  Cuomo Dealt Another Blow on N.Y. Nursing-Home Death Controversy.

Defunding Police Isn’t Answer, Say Black Mothers of Slain Children.

Help me understand this:  It is okay to destroy statutes of Americans that contributed to the freedom of Black Lives and good ideals to America – for example, Frederic Douglas and Abraham Lincoln – as many in the Black Lives Matter movement did this summer and now that same group wants to teach young students in the name of their “week of action” about, and thereby elevate, Joanne Chesimard, convicted of the 1973 execution-style murder of a New Jersey state trooper, Werner Foerster. Welcome to the New York City school system: Lessons inspired by a cop-killer: Another fail by the NYC Department of Education.

Another failure of our American schools:   Science Betrayed/The propaganda infecting K–12 science curricula, especially on the environment, won’t go away.

Part 2 from Larry Elder:  Democrats Want a ‘Return to Civility’; When Did They Practice It?

The NYS Conservative Party works with Conservatives across America:  MRS. PELOSI, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL (did you ever think such a headline would be appropriate in the United States of America, the Left is out of control.) and  FOLLOW THE SCIENCE AND OPEN THE SCHOOLS

Biden’s Empty Environmentalism/Shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline shows the new president’s preference for symbolism over substance on environmental policy.

From the Daily Signal:  9 Election Reforms States Can Implement to Prevent Mistakes and Voter Fraud.

President Biden and all those who support his edict on transgender sports are wrong.  Yes, transgenders have the “right” to participate in sports, and the playing field will be level when they compete against other transgenders.  And if they do not accept that as a solution, they are not being honest in what they want.  For Female Athlete, Biden’s Transgender Executive Order Is ‘Heartbreaking’   The new nominee for Secretary of Education had this to say Schools Have Responsibility to Let Biological Males in Girls Sports If They’re Trans; I beg to differ, but school has the responsibility to educate students and that does not include changing the playing field.  This executive order is anti-women and should be rescinded asap.

Ben Shapiro opines on The Inequality of ‘Equity’

It is becoming very evident that a person who has spent his entire working life in government as an elected official is not qualified to be an elected official with the power of an Executive Order as they have no concept of what the real working world is about: meeting payrolls; the true cost of health insurance and the other important decisions made to run a successful business.  Companies Are Preparing to Cut Jobs and Automate if Biden Gets $15 Minimum Wage Hike, Reporting Shows.