Does Ivermectin help patients with COVID-19?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to speak with Ralph C. Lorigo, one of our state vice-chairs and the Erie County Chairman, who has been quite busy saving lives lately.  Mr. Lorigo sent me an article in the Buffalo News about the drug “invermectin” and how it has been helpful treating COVID-19 patients.  The Buffalo News is behind a fire-wall and even though we have a paid subscription, I cannot access the article.  However, here is a very similar article in the Desert News, and it does mention that Ralph Lorigo saved Judith Smentkiewicz’s life.  Kudos to Ralph and questions for the federal government as to why the delay in not approving this drug for treatment of COVID-19.  Google “Invermectin” and “Dr. Pierre Kory” for more information.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo look at the science before we lose more New Yorkers to this insidious disease.

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