The COVID-19 crisis is proof positive that government is never able to resolve problems.

What Americans are seeing from their new president is a person who would rather cater to the progressives of his political party instead of showing concern for all of those who are struggling to keep their jobs.  As if it isn’t enough that closing businesses due to COVID-19 restrictions cause millions to be out of work, the newly inaugurated president revoked the permits for the Keystone Pipeline putting hundreds out of work (and others dependent on them will also lose jobs), raised the minimum wage for federal workers (raising the minimum wage for non-federal workers is also on the progressive agenda and that will cause others to lose their jobs), the federal government isn’t concerned about raising the wages of their workers because they will just raise your taxes to pay for the increase while private businesses will lose business when they are forced to pay in the increased wages and possibly have to close up shop.  It is disheartening that a man who preaches unity and pretends to be there for the “working man” begins his term by hurting those who he promised to help.  Another question for President Biden; what is fair and evenhanded about having a transgendered man compete against a woman in school sports?  Not to mention that he embraces the debunked NY Times 1619 project while decommissioning the 1776 Commission.  Does anyone wonder why his political handlers prevented him from campaigning all fall long?  Seventy-four million American were not fooled by his campaign absence; unfortunately, eighty-one million people didn’t care and we will all pay the price.  As the NY Post editorial noted in today’s paper:  Biden gives up on ‘unity’ for his first action item.

President Biden isn’t backing down on his progressive agenda; here are his plans for this week.

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Conrad Black asks if President Biden really wants unity?

On the bright side, President Biden is right on this:  Biden Acknowledges the Votes Aren’t There to Convict Trump.

The Left Wants to Transform and Nationalize Our Election System.

The progressives want government to run everything; this is the results of them trying to “help” with the pandemic crisis:  City, state and federal leaders are all giving us pandemic chaos.

You must be so proud of this headline Governor Cuomo since you continue to do nothing to make the  economics of New York State better:  New York ranked 2021’s 2nd worst state to retire.

Another black-eye for New York State.  CBS 6 Investigates: Almost a year, and many unemployed still can’t reach labor department.

Bob McManus, well said.  The push to decriminalize ‘streetwalking’ follows a deadly run of NYC ‘reforms’