Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Impeachment sham, our legislative agenda and the minority conferences legislative agendas.

Impeachment Sham

With just days remaining in his term, President Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives in another stunt that was both a waste of time and counterproductive for America.

At a time in which tensions are high, a rushed impeachment with no due process and no trial, just a rushed vote by a Democratic majority, is shameful and set’s a dangerous precedence moving forward.

I want to thank six of our New York Representatives for voting no on the sham impeachment. I had the opportunity to speak with Congressmembers Stefanik, Zeldin, Malliotakis, Jacobs, Garbarino, and Reed. They were thoughtful and clear on why they were voting no. I applaud their transparency and willingness to discuss their rationale.

However, the State Conservative Party is disappointed that one New York Representative did vote with Nancy Pelosi to impeach the President. We consider Congressman John Katko’s actions to be ill-informed. It does nothing to bridge the divide, but it does everything to further aggravate it.

2021 Legislative Agenda

The Executive Committee of the New York State Conservative Party met last weekend in Brooklyn to finalize our legislative agenda.

Amongst the big-ticket items are repealing the criminal justice reforms passed by State Democrats in 2019, ending cashless bail, preventing defunding of the police, opposing the legalization of recreational cannabis, and vigorously defending New York taxpayers against the massive tax increases being proposed by the State Legislature.

As we finalize our agenda in the coming days, I look forward to going into more depth on what you can expect from us in 2021.

 Minority Conference Legislative Agenda

For the third consecutive year, State Democrats will control both chambers of the State House in Albany and will surely be looking to expand on their progressive agenda.

The State Legislature that brought us dangerous criminal justice reform, looks to expand on that and continue to give criminals, often repeat offenders, just as many rights as those who abide by the law daily. Additionally, Albany Democrats have made it no secret that they will work to raise taxes, including massive tax increases on the wealthy who continue to leave New York State in droves.

Last week, the Republican Senate released its agenda, “Resetting New York.” Minority Leader Senator Rob Ortt has promised Republicans will oppose all tax increases and will introduce a hostile amendment every day that the Governor continues to hold increased executive powers granted to him by the legislature last year.

In their efforts to get the economy moving in the right direction, The Assembly Minority has also set their agenda called “Jump-Start New York: A Plan for Economic Recovery.” Assembly Republicans are also looking to decrease the Governors powers and increase local authorities’ powers during times of crisis. Additionally, they want to implement the “NY Business Emergency Relief Act of 2021” to direct unallocated funds to business relief purposes.

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