Be forewarned; the oligarchs are two US Senate seats from taking over.

Whatever happens on January 6, Terry Paulson speaks for over 74 million Americans when he writes:  We Remain Forever Grateful Mr. President.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times;  At stake this week: Saving America from a unified socialist government.

Congress Approves Rules Regulating Jan. 6 Electoral Vote Count.

Real Clear Politics reports on Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments of 2020.

And Jeff Davidson, writing in reminds us of what Things That Donald Trump Did Not Do.

Thank you, Congressman Andrew Biggs (R-AZ) for calling out the cartoon published in the Washington Post:  The Washington Post’s Cartoon Crossed the Line.

Salena Zito writes in the Daily Signal that Our Hopes for 2021 Won’t Be Fulfilled by a Politician, but by Us.  Also, from the Daily Signal:  Law Professor Speaks Out After Being Shamed for Writing Honest History of BLM.  And some wise words from Kay C. James, President of the Heritage Foundation:  Why Conservatives of All Stripes Must Unite in 2021

From the Epoch Times, a very interesting article:  Exact Fallout of Presidential Election Predicted in 2019 War-Game Paper.

Biden’s Critical Race Theory Two-Step.

Why Biden won’t stand up to the Chinese menace.

China launches major military exercise with its second aircraft carrier, the Shandong.

Chinese Citizen Journalist Sentenced to Four Years for Coronavirus Reporting.

China: Paying US Media to Publish Propaganda.

China expected to displace US as world’s biggest economy by 2028: report.

China Using COVID-19 to Overtake America’s Economy.

Uncovering the Chinese Government’s Pandemic Deception.

Will Joe Biden take on our alarming China problem?

Better yet, how would Ossoff handle the problem, if elected to the US Senate?  Watch this.

The China Threat is Real and Upon Us.

Joe Biden, you must be prepared:  The Bill Is Coming Due for China’s ‘Capitalist’ Experiment.

Did Americans Come to Love Big Brother?

From the Federalist:  5 Big Things We Learned About Our Elites In 2020.

From the City-Journal:  Mayors for Free Money/A growing coalition of urban leaders embraces a guaranteed basic income.  Also from the City-Journal:  Tell Only LiesThe Perils of “Doing Something”/Fifty years on, Edward C. Banfield’s skeptical take on the urban crises of his day offers useful advice for dealing with our own and Biden and Schools/Federal education policy is likely to take a sharp left turn.

Headlines are purposely written to grab your attention:  Trump tells Georgia officials to ‘find’ votes to defeat Biden in recorded call.  There is always more than the headline.

Charlie Gerow opines that It should always be nation over politics.

Frank Vernuccio writes in Townhall Finance ( that Washington Drowns In Red Ink.

Here’s how ‘social justice’ ruins the lives of innocent people, even high school students.

Trump’s minority outreach laid groundwork for expansion of base: ‘It scares the heck’ out of Dems.

The Poisonous Economics of Wealth Taxation.

“The state’s economy, which Gov. Cuomo and de Blasio locked down, is failing to spit off enough tax revenue to fund the state’s spending plans, they’ll argue, so taxes must rise to fill the gap.” Albany is planning more pain for New York in 2021. “…  New York’s future rides on stopping the loony left.”

Really, how surprising that they will fawn over Biden.  CNN’s Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper say media coverage will change under Biden administration.

Casey Seiler, writes in the Albany Times Union, about the Gov’s plan to allow 6700 football fans attend the Buffalo Bills playoff game on Saturday, 0109 2020.   Well worth reading:  Because the gov says so.

From the NY Post editorial page:  King Cuomo’s COVID rules meet the Constitution.

COVID vaccine fiasco shows Cuomo and de Blasio’s ineptitude.

Team Cuomo’s latest nursing-home hypocrisy.

Janice Dean is a non-political person (meteorologist on Fox News) who suffered the loss of her beloved in-laws due to COVID-19.  Fortunately, Mrs. Dean has a platform (social media presence) to speak for those who do not have a large platform to hear their concerns.  Read her moving article here:  Janice Dean: The tragic rise of Andrew Cuomo amid COVID-19 — a real American crisis.

From Bill Hammond writing for the Empire Center: Cuomo’s Summary of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Victor Davis Hanson writes his last article for National Review:  A Guide to Wokespeak.   Mr. Hanson appeared on Fox News (December 30, 2020) and restated all the reasons why the Jan. 5 US Senate election in Georgia is so important to our Republic.  And then there is this from Mr. Hanson: What Will Historians Make of Our Annus Horribilis?  Thank you, Mr. Hanson, always the straight shooter who lets us believe that America can come back stronger.

NYC Turns from Rewarding Failure in Schools to Punishing Success.

Economics Is About How to Grow the Pie, Not How to Slice It Up.

So, should one believe that when a potential Biden Administration appointee files a “conflict of interest” form, that they will be automatically able to disregard the prior arrangement they had with the potential conflict of interest?  Janet Yellen made more than $7 million in speaking fees in 2019, 2020.  Wouldn’t it better for any administration to tap a person without any potential conflict of interest?

Speaking of conflict of interest, do you think Alexander S. Mackler, who is serving on Joe Biden’s Justice Department’s transition team may have his own conflict of interest while serving as an advisor for Biden?

Progressives, note this:  States of Growth and Decline.  (Those who move from blue to red states, a piece of advice:  do not bring your voting habits with you, duh, that is why you left! Sadly, sometimes, I think {when they continue to vote progressive} it is a plan to let the oligarchs take over because I can’t believe they would be foolish enough to continue voting for the same failed policies.)

Progressives changing House Rules:  Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’.  This is the result; Congress Has Officially Gone Gender Crazy.  Is it possible that Democrats really do not know what the meaning of “amen” is?

Note to progressives and progressive wannabes who are elected officials in New York State:  your policies have helped create this horror, what are you doing to keep your constituents safe?

Say a prayer for New York City.

Sen. Manchin: Repealing Hyde Amendment Would Be ‘Foolish’.

Parents and Grandparents:  Are you aware of this?  Cartoons Are the Left’s New Weapon to Target Your Kids.

Preserving America’s Past Through Trump’s 1776 Commission.