Who in the Biden Administration is going to monitor China’s goals?

If Americans were aware of this prior to the election, and if the press did not suppress the Hunter Biden connection, would the results be the same?  It is inconceivable that the democrat machine would have been able to manipulate the results, if American’s were given all the facts.  History is on our side…if Americans are determined to protect our young nation against all those who only crave power.

WATCH: Dem Ga Senate Chair Insisted ‘Not One Reason’ To Buy Dominion Systems, ‘Wreaks Of Corruption’ In 2019.

Tucker Carlson: Our elites’ collusion with China is real and widespread.

Michigan Lt Gov Attended Chinese Communist Party Conference With Secret Meetings, Chinese Military Ties.

Suspected Chinese spy reportedly slept with, courted US officials to gain intel.

Hoping for a Trump future against the pending Biden and Harris apocalypse.

You have to give credit to Senator Bernie Sanders for telling it like it really is:  ‘That’s Right’: Bernie Sanders Admits Democrats Blocked COVID Relief Bills.

It’s so easy to use other people’s money:  Jaime Harrison angles for DNC chairman after showing the political world how to waste money.

Two good reads: The State Versus the American Culture and A Return to Normalcy/Parents As Primary Educators.

I can’t believe the people of Georgia will elect this Pastor:  Newly Uncovered Writings show more Evidence of Warnock’s Support for Marxist Ideology.

Kudos to Mike:  Mike Lawler is the only GOP challenger to beat a Democratic incumbent in the Assembly this year.

An excellent article by Karol Markowicz in today’s NY Post:  Crime is killing USA’s cities — if we just move away, it will follow us.  The one thing I would add to it is that when people flee the big cities to “safer” places, they unfortunately bring their progressive voting habits with them and the same bad ideas then follow.

By bending to teachers union, de Blasio repeatedly fails NY schoolchildren.

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal about: The Bias Fallacy/It’s the achievement gap, not systemic racism, that explains demographic disparities in education and employment.