Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses Religious Freedom, the 22nd Congressional District, President Trump’s Conservative vote and George J. Marlin’s book about Mario Cuomo.

A Win for Religious Freedom

Last week the United States Supreme Court handed in a 5-4 decision striking down Governor Cuomo’s order limiting religious gatherings to 10 and 25 people.

“I have said from the beginning the restrictions imposed by Governor Cuomo were an overreach that did not take into account the size of our churches or the safety protocols that have kept parishioners safe,” said Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn.

Other Catholic and Orthodox Jewish leaders from around the state including the Brooklyn Diocese and Agudath Israel played big roles in pushing back against their religious freedoms being infringed upon by a power-hungry tyrant.

Governor Cuomo could do nothing but accuse the court of partisanship after the decision, claiming it was due to the three Justices nominated by President Donald Trump and their ideology.

The decision bruised Governor Cuomo’s ego which has grown larger and larger over the course of the past 8 months.

Earlier this year Jason McGuire, Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman and Executive Director of New Yorker’s for Constitutional Freedom, led the charge in urging the Governor to work with faith leaders and come to an agreement that would safely open churches.

The Supreme Court ensured religious rights will not be infringed upon.

Updating New York’s 22nd Congressional District

 Claudia Tenney continues to maintain a lead of 12 votes in a race that has been covered in a cloud of confusion with new twists and turns seemingly every day.

First it was a head scratching case of missing Post-it notes. The sticky notes “fell” off a stack of disputed ballots, making it unclear whether the ballots had already been counted. Next, the Chenango County Board of Elections found 55 “mislaid” ballots. 11 of the ballots were immediately thrown out due to registration issues leaving 44 to be added to the count. It is believed the remaining 44 ballots will break in Tenney’s direction as it appears those ballots were cast by a majority of Republicans.

While I do not expect any new updates until Monday, I do want to thank Madison County Conservative Party Chairman and attorney Chris Kendall who has been working with the Tenney campaign to ensure recount efforts are being properly handled and every legal vote is being counted.

I am confident we will have good news to report in the coming days, but I remain concerned with how the Oneida and Chenango Counties Board of Elections have handled the process. Carelessness and lack of transparency has the voters of the 22nd District unknowing who their representative will be more than a month after election day.

These issues must be corrected and the Board of Elections in both counties must take the steps necessary to ensure these issues do not happen again in the future.

President Trump closing in on 300,000 Conservative Party votes

 I am proud to announce as it currently stands, President Trump has received 295,697 votes on the Conservative Party line, the second most votes for President in the history of the party trailing only Richard Nixon in 1972.

President Trump’s 2016 effort was previously the second highest. He now holds the 2nd and 3rd most votes in party history.

I want to thank everyone who voted on the Conservative Party line and everyone who continues to be a friend of the party. With your help we continue to play a major role in races all over the state. Our party line is actively sought year after year from the North Country on down to Long Island. Candidates know the importance of being on row C and what it means to their chances.

I look forward to continuing our fight in 2021.

Mario Cuomo: The Myth and The Man

I was pleased to be joined by George Marlin last night to discuss his new book. George, through an immense amount of research and first-hand accounts, relives the Mario Cuomo era and offers true insight into politics in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I highly recommend the book to those interested in an important chapter in New York State and national political history.

You can watch the interview in its entirety on our Facebook page.

You can purchase a signed copy here.

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