Occasionally the mainstream media makes a valid point; and we applaud it when it does.

It is good to note that even the Albany Times Union calls out Governor Andrew Cuomo on his doing as I say mantra.

Cuomo, a frequent critic of FDA, concerned about vaccine skepticism.  Concerned?  Seriously, after he has been constantly dissing the vaccine and the FDA under the Trump Administration.  Trying to have it both ways again, Governor Cuomo?  Portraying your self as the only that truly cares about their constituents?   Question for you Governor:  With all your self-proclaimed “expert” handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, how is it that New York’s numbers are increasing?   Today we learn that the Governor is touting the fact that NY will receive 170,000 vaccines by December 15, 2020.   How times have changed; less than a month ago, Governor Trump questioned the Trump Administration’s COVOD-19 distribution, vowing to have his own review of any COVID-19 vaccine from the Trump Administration.  Amazing about-face, Governor!  Can’t help but wonder if the backlash from the petty theatrics had any thing to do with your rapid change of mind.

Three Signs of a Tyrant.

Betsy McCaughey opines that heavy-handed COVID-19 lockdown rules are an all-around disaster.

Somebody has some explaining to do:  Assembly speaker’s chief of staff lived ‘opulent’ lifestyle from ‘unexplained wealth’.

Do you even notice the not-so-subtle digs at conservative/republican elected leaders?  Malliotakis mulls conservative clique to counter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Squad.’  CPNYS lauds Congresswoman-elect for taking this step in being the counter balance to the “Squad.”

AOC roasted for selling ‘Tax the Rich’ sweatshirts for $58.

The New Resistance Is Rising.

Its Critics Are Wrong. The Electoral College Is a Bulwark Against Power Grabs.

Victor Davis Hanson writes that progressives are no longer defenders of free expression.

With a heavy heart we acknowledge there will be no new words of wisdom written by Walter E. Williams, R.I.P.  Here is Thomas Sowell’s touching tribute to his friend.  (For the life of me, I do not understand how the press made heroes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and ignored Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams as the true leaders for people of color who seek and understand the American Dream.  They rose from underprivileged lives to become a beacon of hope to all that listened.  Another shameful error perpetrated by the mainstream media.)