Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Despite the Covid-19 virus disrupting our daily lives and all the devastating deaths, losses of employment, closed schools, elections with strange results, and government officials who live by “do as I say; but I am exempt,” Americans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020.

We live in a country that recognizes the importance of our individual rights and our ability to worship in our choice of Houses of Worship.  We live in a country that allows us to challenge our government without fear of being taken away in the middle of the night.  We live in a country that has the courage and strength to acknowledge and correct its mistakes.  And we live in a country that in its very short history (only 244 years) has lifted the world by sharing its entrepreneurship and vision.  We live in a country that has fought wars to save the world from despot oligarchs determined to destroy all that America chooses to be.

I thank God every day that I was born in America, a country that celebrates life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  And for those who seek to degrade who and what we are:  Shame on you, instead of trying to destroy America just leave and go to a country that embraces what you believe in…if the oligarchs who control it let you in.  Because in the end, it is all about who is in control.  Oligarchs control the places you favor; in America, citizens decide.

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