Captain Queeg returns.

As more legislators call for the legalization of cannabis to close the budget gap, it is extremely important to understand the consequences of doing so.  If you haven’t watched this video; please do so now.  Be informed.

Captain Queeg is back and doesn’t like to be questioned!!  When he speaks, everyone must accept what he says as “the truth and nothing but the truth.”  Obviously, the strain of the last 8+ months is getting to Andrew.   Andrew Cuomo slammed after berating reporters who asked about schools: ‘Follow the facts!’

Here is the latest report from Empire Center:  NY Should Lift the Shroud of Secrecy Around Union Contracts.

Daniel Henninger opines in the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required.)  Hey, Trumpians, Cheer Up!

Is there any doubt how biased CNN is?  If you need more proof here it is.

The Hill is tries to hide their bias.  The Memo: Democrats see warning signs beyond 2020

If only Mr. Dorsey would acknowledge what they do to others as well.  We are still locked out of Twitter with no explanation whyJack Dorsey is finally starting to admit Twitter’s censorship problem.

Big Tech’s free speech suppression is dangerous information warfare: Devine

Do you think teachers’ unions (undoubtedly many individual teachers would) would even consider this common-sense idea?  For Teacher Training, Drop Critical Theory and Add Character.

If you have college age children or grandchildren (even if you don’t), please read this.  Be informed what the youth of America are being spoon-fed by the loony liberals who want nothing more than to destroy the greatest country ever created by a group of freedom loving men and woman.

Do you think he will listen?  Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embrace Islamists

I want to believe that if Joe Biden is actually the 46th President of the US (and it is still not certain that he will be) that he will support the United States Constitution; however, he is making that very difficult to believe!  Biden’s Pick for Deputy Chief of Staff Hawked Beto’s AR-15 Confiscation Plan.

And then there is this:  Liberal Media Suggest Biden Should Take Aggressive Approach to Censoring Conservative Media.  First, they want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment, then they will suppress the 1st Amendment.  As we have noted previously; all those who voted for Biden due to their dislike, no, make that hatred of a man who only wanted the best for all Americans – you should have been careful what you wished for.

What voters are telling Joe Biden about his Democrats’ radical agenda

Hey Georgia, do you really want this man to represent you’?  Disqualifying’: Past remarks haunt Raphael Warnock in crucial Georgia Senate contest.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.