The US Senate runoff elections in Georgia just became more critical…

Deroy Murdock: COVID feud — Gov. Andrew Cuomo bites the hand that healed New York.

Today’s NY Post Editorial:  Andrew Cuomo’s shameless vaccine lies.

This Daily Signal headline is just what we need to see.  Life Wins: At Least 14 New Pro-Life Women Elected to House.

Most major news outlets used to stand up for the “little guy,” and took pride in doing so.  Today, most major news outlets seek to squash the “little guy.” Note the headline:  Washington Post Editorial Board Says the Electoral College Is ‘No Longer Tenable for American Democracy’.  Why have national elections at all, just let California’s 55 electoral votes decide…Wyoming’s 3 votes would be cast aside if the Washington Post had its way.  Maybe the Washington Post editorial writers need a refresher course in why the Electoral College is required.

COVID-19 copies climate as elites squash science.

This is important to note:  Moderna COVID Vaccine Did Not Use Fetal Cells.


New burdens on outdoor dining: NYC bureaucrats’ latest bid to kill restaurants.

Kudos to Burgess Owens, former NY Jets Safety, on taking back a democratic seat in Congress as a conservative.

VP Pence: SpaceX Crew-1 launch proves NASA is back, President Trump has secured America’s leadership in space.

The City Journal has a very interesting (and sad) article on where religious freedom is heading.  Strings Attached; Religious social-services groups have become dangerously dependent on government contracts.

From the Gatestone Institute — Britain: Two-Stepping Toward Totalitarianism.   Gatestone also runs an article by Soeren Kern that asks the question:  Was the US Election Stolen?  (Remember the OJ Simpson trial: circumstantial evidence isn’t enough to convict.)

Mr. Dorsey:  So good of you to admit this now after the elections. When are you going to unlock @cpnys; or at the very least tell us what cockamamie reason you can come up with for keeping us locked out?

Mr. Biden:  Global Threats Are High. Now Is Not the Time to Shortchange National Defense Budget

Mr. Biden and Company:  Is this what you really want?  How will the economy survived when your policies will put more people out of work?

Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism.

Georgia Senate races could be key to this possible Secretary of the Treasury:  Biden Taps Reparations Advocate for Treasury Transition.

Is it possible that he just does not know the definition of corruption?  Or does he just choose to be blind to the effects of corruption?  Biden Meets with Leadership of Union Under Fire for Corruption.

The Justice Democrats who helped elect AOC want their pound of flesh and more.  The silence of the old Democratic Party while the new Justice Democrats flexed their muscles has created a boondoggle that will never be able to put the genie back in the bottle.  To those who threw the baby out with the bath water; you are stuck with what you wished for, at the very least for the next 2 to 4 years.