California’s voters have seen the light on two progressive issues; when will New Yorkers?

On this 245th birthday of the US Marine Corps, we Salute all who have served in the Corps!  On this Veteran’s Day eve, we Salute all who have served in the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and the US Coast Guard as well. We are forever grateful and sincerely Thank You for keeping America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

The Daily Signal writes: What You Need to Know About Election Litigation in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona.

Also, from the Daily Signal:  4 Things to Know About Voting Machine Company That’s Causing Stir.

Leftists Changed Rules of 2020 Election.

The Epoch Times is doing a great job of keeping readers aware of all that is going on since election night:  Tens of Thousands of Unsealed Ballots Arrived in Michigan County, All for Democrats: Lawsuit; Barr Authorizes Federal Prosecutors to Probe ‘Substantial’ Allegations of Voting Irregularities; Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over ‘Two-Tiered’ Election System in Pennsylvania and Pence: Election Isn’t Over Until Every ‘Legal Vote Is Counted’.

President Trump and Sen. Tillis Formally Clinch Victory in North Carolina.

Michael Cook is the editor of based in Australia.  This is what he wrote about our 2020 Presidential elections:  America survived 1824. It can survive 2020.   Here is another view, from Australia, of our presidential election from Robert Hutchinson, written on Nov. 5, so it is a little dated, but still interesting how another country sees us.

From Intellectual Takeout; Obsession: How the Media Keep Us Ignorant.

Surprise!  Californians get this issue rightAffirmative Action Goes Down in Flames in Deep Blue California.  And an even bigger surprise from California:  Voters Chose Basic Economics over Feel-Good Policy in ‘Rent Control’ Referendum.

Surprise?  Not really…Nancy Pelosi refuses to denounce socialism as she seeks another term as speaker.

To say the NYS Bar Associations’ proposal to recommend a state coronavirus vaccine mandate is controversial is an understatement.  BTW, when did the NYS Bar Association become part the of NYS Medical Society?  The Emperor still wants NYS health officials to approve any vaccine that came about under the Trump Administration.

Is this America’s future?  Portland goons’ new thuggery.

The Daily News:  N.Y.’s Green and Libertarian parties in peril as Working Families Party avoids disaster;  they did mention, in what appears as an afterthought in the article, that the Conservative Party also kept its legal party status.