Chairman Kassar discusses Sen. Buckley’s historic win, 2020 Election, the importance of this election and casting your vote on Row C.


The 50th Anniversary of James L. Buckley’s election as a United States Senator

Fifty years ago, the still emerging New York State Conservative Party shocked the political world when James L. Buckley ran only on the Conservative Party line and won a seat in the U.S. Senate! The pundits scoffed at the idea, but, James Buckley, with his charisma and common-sense ideas, ignited a conservative movement in New York that brought together the young, the old, the rich and the working man, that quite frankly, has been difficult to duplicate.  A lot has changed in the 50 years that have passed since the excitement of the Buckley win; but this is certain, the principles, values, and dedication that ignited that movement are still as strong as ever within the membership of the Conservative Party and those who support the conservative cause in this deep blue state that seems, on the surface, to have lost its ability to unite and reestablish what brought so many to the hope of Ellis Island.  Lady Liberty’s torch still burns bright; but today, too many believe its flame comes from government, not the hard work of its citizens.

James L. Buckley’s appeal to the youth had a lot to do with the times; he challenged the establishment – yes it was liberal then also —  his appeal to the working class was his staunch support of reducing taxes and spending as well as restraints on regulations and bureaucracy.  Sen. Buckley was unashamed to stand up for life, for being a conservationist before it was fashionable, and he had a plan to win in Vietnam and to do it quickly.  James L. Buckley was and will always be dedicated to the American citizenry and in some ways like President Trump, who has the same remarkable ability to unite those who revere the United States of America.

We thank Judge Buckley (D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals) for taking up the cause in 1970; we thank him for believing in the Conservative Party.  We salute his statesmanship and celebrate the 50th anniversary of his election to the United States Senate and for being an example for all to emulate.

Election 2020

With just four days remaining, President Trump could be on the path to a familiar looking victory.

While the President is tirelessly traveling the United States campaigning vigorously in battleground states, Joe Biden spends very little time outside of his Delaware home. The candidates schedule the last few weeks are just another indicator that Joe Biden is not physically fit to be this country’s Commander-in-Chief.

President Trump often does 4-5 public rallies per day, speaking to crowds of thousands. Biden does 4-5 public rallies per week, speaking to crowds of dozens, sometimes tens.

What does this mean? We won’t know until late November 3, but what we do know is the momentum and enthusiasm is squarely with President Trump; much like it was in the final days in 2016.

There are pockets of very good news, particularly in the swing state of Florida where it’s biggest county, Miami-Dade is having an unexpected strong showing of Republicans voting. Hillary Clinton won the county by 29 points in 2016, but still lost the state to then candidate Donald Trump. Now, the President looks poised to cut into that advantage which would be a huge development in the must win state of Florida.

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

You’ve heard it before, but in 2020 it is true, now more than ever.  There are two philosophical differences on the ballot.

The first is a message of doom and gloom. Government forced shutdowns of the economy. It makes it tougher for corporations, the job creators, to do business, it aims to defund, and in some cases, disband the police. It aims to tax you for their agendas, such as the multi trillion-dollar Green New Deal. It aims to pack the Supreme Court, all because they lost the 2016 election and thus had no ability to fill vacancies. Instead, Democrats want to add Justices. It wants Puerto Rico and D.C. statehood for nothing more than to add 4 democratic Senators and additional House of Representative members. Remember, Democrats didn’t care about Puerto Rico in the 1990’s when the Clinton administration stripped the U.S. Territory of their ability to offer incentive to pharmaceutical companies to do business on the Island. Puerto Rico remains in a recession to this day. It aims to eliminate fracking, ban oil, and strip America of our energy independence, and it aims to have us rejoin trade deals that shipped Rust Belt jobs to Mexico and China.

The other is a message of hope. A message that the cure can’t be worse than the sickness itself. It lets Americans safely get back to work to provide for their families. It aims to keep both small and big business alive and thriving, something they could not survive if forced to close again. It gets children safely back to school. It keeps manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. It keeps the farming industry alive and well in Wisconsin, and it tells Floridians that the atrocities faced just 90 miles south in Cuba, will never happen in the Sunshine State or anywhere else. It is a message of law and order that protects every citizens of this country, but doesn’t kowtow to a violent mob looking to loot and destroy businesses.

There are two very different choices on the ballot. I strongly encourage you to choose the policies that have worked to bring jobs back, lowers the unemployment rate to historic lows and made the American economy the envy of the world.


Shortly after I took over as State Chairman, Governor Cuomo, angry with the Working Families Party moved to change state law, making it more difficult for third parties to exist. The Governor and legislature tripled the minimum number of votes required to maintain legal party status.

We are a party with a proud history, we have elected a U.S. Senator on our line alone and we continue to be the margin of victory for candidates around the state of New York. We are a small party, but we play a major role in getting conservative republicans elected.

We took the Governor to court and won the right to continue as a party, but under the new rules we must get between 160,000 to 170,000 votes cast on our Conservative Party line for President.

In 2016, the party received 292,392 votes on the Conservative line. This year we hope to surpass 300,000, sending a clear message to Governor Cuomo that New Yorker’s want a choice.

Please remember to grab a family member, friend or neighbor and vote for President Trump on the Conservative Party line.

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