The Fourth Estate decries its loss of readership, yet it is continuing to create its own obituary…

From the WSJ:  Justice Department Cites Treatment of Hunter Biden Articles in Call to Change Law Protecting Online Platforms

Cruz clashes with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘Who the hell elected you?’

Twitter CEO Admits: We Have No Proof the Hunter Biden Story Is False.

‘Look out for my family’ — Hunter’s biz partner tells all on meetings with Joe Biden: Goodwin.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey falsely tells senators company lifted ban on Post exposé.

How to Limit Social Media’s Power Without Growing Government.

It’s Time to Fix Section 230. Here’s a Plan to Do It.

Despite the mainstream media acting as if Joe Biden is already the President-elect, another pollster sees a Trump win.

From the NY Sun:  Logic of Trump: Let Us Count The Reasons.

The joy of a Trump rally.

Latinos for Trump rile up and baffle Biden supporters in must-win Florida.

As James Carville said in 1992 “It’s the economy, stupid.”  US GDP jumps 7.4 percent in third quarter, a record-setting rebound.  And if you don’t vote for the economy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

From the Committee to Unleash Prosperity:  The Super V-Shaped Recovery

From Intellectual Conservative: “That’s why this election seems so important. No longer are we battling for one party or the other; we are battling to determine the ideology which America will hold in the years ahead.”  Internal Chaos Caused Philly’s ‘Peaceful Protests’.  “Yes, we must go to the polls. …we must also be determined to live our own lives by the morals and virtue which once made this nation great.”

From the City-Journal:  City Hall Socialists –  The far Left is making inroads into local government races.

ICYMI:  The Bobulinski Interview and Joe Biden’s BIG Lie.

Joe Biden can’t win on his own:  Obama, Biden to campaign together in Michigan, but some people still believe he is cognitive enough to run the country…and they vote.

What do dementia, a laptop and Taiwan have in common?

Biden calls son Hunter ‘smartest guy I know’ as brother refuses to talk business deals.  Hmmm, and he left his computer in a repair shop?  What Joe forgets is that no one has denied it is his computer.

This is really unsettling:  Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Damning’ Documents His Show Received About Biden Family Have ‘Vanished’

Analysis: The Biggest Demonstrable Scandal in the Hunter Biden Saga Is the Media’s Handling of It.

Just when I think Sen. Coons cannot drift further to the left, he says this:  ‘Hundreds’ of Trump-appointed judges ‘too far right to be allowed to sit peaceably’.  Disgraceful!

“Coercion to speak is just another form of bullying, and it must be pointed out. It is indecent, and it is un-American.”  The right to remain silent.

Alex Newman: False History Taught in Schools Incites Children to Hate America.

Emperor Cuomo is seriously considering legalizing marijuana to bring in tax dollars; it would be a major error of judgement to do so.  The True Cost of Marijuana: A Colorado Town That Went All-In.  While many in Pueblo supported (and still support) the initiative; many are also very concerned about the health care costs and the inability to have a good employment rate.  The article gives both sides a fair hearing; what matters is the assessment of the long-term associated with the legalization of marijuana in your home town.  (CPNYS is firmly opposed to the legalization of an DEA Schedule 1 drug.)

Our Teflon Emperor may have a serious problem since this is a Forbes article that shows his pay-to-play affinity:  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Reaped $6.2 Million In Campaign Cash From 347 State Vendors Who Pocketed $7 Billion Since 2014.

Perhaps the Alum should create a committee to weigh the removal of Harvard’s President:  Harvard’s President Creates Committee to Weigh Removal of ‘Historical Figures’ from Campus, before Harvard loses it reputation as an institute for learning.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.  Well worth the read.