Who would you rather your daughter emulated…Nicolle Wallace or Amy Coney Barrett?

From the Daily Signal:  The Triumph of Justice Amy Coney Barrett; the person she is as well as the Justice she will be.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett will be a boon to the nation.

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court, Cementing 6-3 Conservative Majority.

From National Review: Senate Votes to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court.

From The Hill:  Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice by Thomas.

It is official!

Mitch McConnell told the Democrats in 2013 that they would regret former Sen. Reid’s changing the “nuclear option” and they found that out for certain yesterday; now the Democrats are using Sen. McConnell’s reaction against him should they take over the US Senate.  Democrats say Republicans will regret Barrett confirmation, slam ‘manipulation’ of Supreme Court.

Politico explains The Other Tool Democrats Have to Rein in the Supreme Court.

Jeremy Beaman explains why conservatives are originalists in this Washington Examiner article.

Trending: Trump tops Biden, 48% to 47%, with 52% approval rating.

From the Washington Times:  The eight reasons we enthusiastically endorse Trump for reelection.

Hopefully you will still be able to access Gerard Baker’s article in the Wall Street Journal:  Media Watchdogs Aren’t Supposed to Guard Biden – If the Democrats win, will America’s free press become an instrument of state propaganda?

Rep. Ilhan Omar Expects Biden to Veer Left If Elected and Have Only ‘Progressive Democrats’ in His Cabinet.  (And if he wins and doesn’t veer left, they would force him.)

Biden Expresses Openness to Rotating Justices Off the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Rules Against Extending Deadline for Wisconsin’s Absentee Ballots.  Note the decision was 5-3, decided prior to Justice Barrett’s confirmation.

William Voegeli, writes in the City-Journal:  Unfriending Free Speech – Who will guard the gatekeepers of our political discourse?

By the way, we are still silenced on @Twitter!  Still no response to our emails as to why, nothing.  Just ignoring us as if we, our voices, are non-existence, but lets the leftist Tweeters have freedom of speech.  When did Twitter become the arbiter of the First Amendment?  Hmmm, is Twitter trying to portray that they are being fair:  Twitter censors Obama’s former attorney general over voting tweets.  Not really, they only slapped him with a waring; they silenced us.

Lance Morrow’s insight into the politics of today is food for thought for all who truly care about being Americans.

Why is it that the mainstream media downplays this:  Coronavirus case-fatality rate down despite surge in cases.

From Bill Hammond:  Here’s Why Coronavirus Infection Rates Are Rising as ‘Positivity’ Stays Stable.

Why George Orwell’s Warning on ‘Self-Censorship’ Is More Relevant Than Ever.

NYC eateries beg Gov. Cuomo to reopen — or at least get some info.

Stop letting dangerous lunatics roam free.

Wow!  Seriously?  Nicolle Wallace erupts over Peggy Noonan: Conservative white women should keep ‘mouth shut’  This is the problem in todays’ society, the left really does believe that they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion.  Nicolle Wallace, how would you like it if I tell you to keep your mouth shut?  Grow up, Nicolle, learn to have a civil discussion about differences!