Cuomo’s hospital contributors received a good return on their investment…pay-to-play is still alive and well in Albany.

Did you know this interesting bit of information:  Fauci Signed Off on WHO Statement Approving China’s Response to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

From City-Journal:  Confronting Covid – The American response has been far better than critics acknowledge.

President Trump’s Promise.

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election.

Why I voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again: Goodwin.

The big Trump rallies you don’t see.

ICYMI:  Former Congressman John Faso opines that ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is the Key to Beating Covid & Restoring US Economy.

Charlie Gerow, is a Republican strategist who lives in Pennsylvania:  2016’s Reluctant Trumpers Are 2020’s Avid Trumpers.

Some advice for VP Biden:  This is hardly the person I would want to come to my defense.  Whitmer insists no evidence of Biden wrongdoing.

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Alleges Father Knew About Venture.

WSJ Columnist Shreds Claim That Joe Biden is Free and Clear of China Corruption Scheme Allegations.

Well of course, he is…Biden says he’s ‘very proud’ of his family’ following Post exposé about Hunter…and that is the problem.

This is how a socialist Englishman sees our 2020 American presidential election.

Biden: How Do You Lie Like That?

Wow.  The former VP learned a lot at Obama and Michelle’s side, unfortunately, what he learned is not what the leader of the free world should believe about the country he wants to become the president of:  Biden faces backlash for saying ‘America was an idea’ that ‘we’ve never lived up to’.   It is disgraceful that he does not appreciate that we are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world.  “Never lived up to?”  America has achieved more in its very short history than any other country; we have raised the standard of living, invented untold numbers of items that have helped the universe, corrected our mistakes, explored space, yet, the man who wants to lead this great country, says America was an idea that we’ve never lived up to.  Shame on you, Joe Biden, shame on you.

The Biden/Harris campaign should read this:  The Lies We’re Told about the American Story.

Here is another disgraceful statement by a member of Congress whom the media have made a rising star: Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Team Up with Vlogger Who Said ‘America Deserved 9/11’ To Energize Young Voters.

Please, someone explain to me how this woman graduated Cum Laude from Boston University:  How AOC Believes the Green New Deal Would Have Saved Americans From the Coronavirus.

AOC says Biden’s opposition to fracking ban won’t deter young voters…because they all know he panders to voters and will ban fracking if elected; she knows how to play the system.

Sharyl Attkisson: Special Interests Behind ‘Dangerous’ Social Media Fact Checks.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  The Press of Conformity – A case study in how the media stigmatize opposing views.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times:  Liberal media, Big Tech and progressives pursue a relentless revolution against free speech.

Trump, 60 Minutes, and the Media Gatekeepers.

How not to have fair and honest elections:  Pa. Supreme Court rules mail-in ballots will count even if signatures don’t match. Lets hope that the GOP amends this to include the fact that the PA Supreme Court rules that signatures don’t have to match:  Republicans Ask Supreme Court to Relook at Pennsylvania Mail Ballot Extended Deadline.

From the NY Sun:  How to Steal an Election – Part III

From The Hill:  Will anyone from the left realize why Trump won — again?

A great article for parents of school age children (and another article the Biden/Harris camp should read):   Educating Patriots – In his “farewell” book, E. D. Hirsch, our foremost thinker on American schooling, sets his sights on fixing America itself.

Half of Gen Z Supports Marxism/Socialism. Here’s Why.

America’s Teenagers Are Losing Their Religion.

A leopard is incapable of changing their stripes; so is the New York Times.  How ‘The New York Times’ Helped Hide Stalin’s Mass Murders in Ukraine.

Larry Elder opines about the Left-Wing Con of Black Americans.

E. J . McMahon explains that in pandemic recovery, New York’s tax base is more fragile than ever.

Hospitals gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo a campaign booster shot: Devine. is a right-leaning site that reports on the news.  The following 3 headlines for today’s update are informing us what is going on in the mainstream media.  I am not liking to the articles, just amazed at how deeply disturbed the left is.  1) NYT Op-Ed: We May Need ‘International Intervention’ Because of Trump; 2) Joe Scarborough Accuses Trump of Wanting to Kill Journalists ‘If He Could Get Away with It’ and 3) ‘Vanity Fair’ Warns ACB Will ‘Execute’ Women for Getting Abortions.  Granted, headlines are written to grab one’s attention, but unfortunately in todays’ society people fail to read the article and tend to believe that what they see in the headline is gospel.

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