Gov. Cuomo’s dream of being President is shrinking as nursing home crisis makes news as far away as Spokane, Washington.

No surprise here.  REVEALED: Zuckerberg Group Funneled 99.4% Of Voter Engagement Budget to Democrat Districts

From Gatestone Industry;  Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part III

As far away as Spokane, Washington, they are reporting how New York’s Nursing Home Scandal Undercuts Cuomo’s Covid Boasts.

Jacob Sullum opined in yesterday’s NY Post: Courts say extreme, arbitrary lockdowns don’t pass Constitution’s sniff test.

John Tierney calls the lockdowns a failed experiment in today’s City Journal.

Every logical person knows there will be cuts in government budgets across the board; one cannot spend money that hasn’t filled the government coffers due to the lockdown creating the problem of people unable to work.  Yet, Cuomo Says Deficit Decisions Will Hold Until After Election Day. Why until after election day?  Is he trying to protect the democratic majority of both houses purposefully not allowing a vote on necessary cuts so people will continue to vote for the democrat candidates and their failed policies?  What he leaves out in his statement on holding off decisions, is that NY was deeply in debt prior to the COVID-19 crisis, which he has exacerbated with his burdensome lockdowns.  Waiting for a Democratic win in November is kicking the can down the road and multiplying the problems when it doesn’t happen.  Question to Governor Cuomo:  Where is the federal money supposed to come from since they also have lost income and are spending exorbitant amounts of money.

Speaking of voting, tomorrow, October 9, is the last day to register and be eligible to vote in this year’s elections.  Click here to register if you are not a registered voter.  Here is a comprehensive list of who is running in New York State.  And when you vote, please vote on the Conservative Line to send a message to Governor Cuomo that failed policies driving New Yorkers out of state must end.   Voting is a privilege and responsibility if we want to continue to live in the country that guarantees its citizens, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   Vote this year because the Elements of Revolution Are All in Place if you fail to protect our Founding Father’s constitution.

From National Review; Newspaper Endorsements: A Pointless Ritual.

The Gray Lady has become a laughing stock, but the elites still believe it is gospel.  NYT Calls for UN ‘Election Intervention’, Says Biden Must Follow Belarus Protesters And ‘Appeal to The World for Help’.

Here are some articles on last night’s debates you may have missed.  From the Daily Signal:  6 Highlights From the Pence-Harris Debate; from National Review: Pence Accuses Harris of ‘Playing Politics with People’s Lives’ by ‘Undermining Confidence’ in Vaccine; also from the National Review: Kamala Harris’s Dishonesty on Abe Lincoln; from the NY Sun: Trump Chose Well in His Vice President, Debate Shows; from the Washington Examiner:  Trump’s economy even now is better than Obama-Biden’s was; from the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Mike Pence’s Re-Election Case; from the Washington Free Beacon:  Harris: Biden Admin Will Repeal Tax Cuts ‘On Day One’, from the Patriot Post: VP Debate: Pence Exposes Harris’s Radical Leftist Policies, and in the NY Post: Pence effectively went after Harris — and a very biased moderator: Goodwin.

The Biden/Schumer/Pelosi camp must really be worried since Speaker Pelosi is floating the idea of invoking the 25th Amendment.

Don’t let ACO, excuse me, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, see this:  Swiss City Geneva Votes for World-Record $25 Hourly Minimum Wage, the Congresswoman will introduce a similar wage hike bill tomorrow.

Susan Page, however, should read this:  3 Inconvenient Truths 60 Minutes Forgot to Mention in Its Story on California Wildfires and Climate Change.  And this (WSJ article, subscription required):  Why Won’t the Media Listen to These Scientists?

The woman running in the 2nd Congressional District has no use for law enforcement; all the more reason to vote for Andrew Gabarino.

It’s Democrats playing ‘gaslight’ on America: Devine.

Words of Wisdom from Walter E. Williams

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