Will a lawsuit force the Cuomo Administration to reveal the truth about the COVID-19 nursing home deaths?

No Drama; No problems; Just Support! Trump supporters close 5th Ave. to support COVID-19-stricken president.  And it happened all over New York State and the Nation.  However, far too many in the mainstream media failed to cover President Trump’s support.  It is discouraging that the MSM is so biased.

The left’s sickening lack of decency on ailing President Trump: Goodwin.

Trump says he’s leaving Walter Reed hospital Monday night after COVID-19 care

President Trump tweets he will be heading back to the White House today.  This is good news for the country; even for those who vehemently dislike President Trump.  His fast-tracking ways to cope with COVID-19 (vaccines and drug therapy) have shown how he has the best interest of all Americans front and foremost.  Hopefully, he will get credit for this, especially from the media, since it is the media that has pushed the envelope on how “detrimental” the Trump Administration is.  Does anyone think Jack Tapper will retract this?  Trump: ‘Sick and in isolation … you have become a symbol of your own failures’  Neither do I.

Your future, if NY continues under all Democratic rule:  New York Politicians Decide to Keep a Brooklyn Neighborhood Poor.  (Wall Street Journal article, subscription required.)  You can make the difference when you vote on the Conservative Line on November 2, 2020.  Not registered:  Click here.   Hurry, last day to register is October 9!  And please vote in person.  New York Is Not Ready for Election Prime Time.

Cuomo’s options for avoiding spending cuts this year worse than the disease.

‘Never Happened’: Cuomo Claims Coronavirus Patients Were Not Sent Back to Nursing Homes.

Justice is being fought for: My mother died of COVID-19 in a nursing home — now I’m fighting back.

New Yorkers have a right to know:  Lawsuit over COVID nursing home death numbers tries to force the issue.

Some reading material for those who believe lockdowns are the answer.  Stats Hold a Surprise: Lockdowns May Have Had Little Effect on COVID-19 Spread.

Here We Go: Democrats Demand SCOTUS Hearings Be Delayed Due to Positive Virus Tests.  What a baby; have you noticed how many times when Sen. Schumer can’t get his way (or just wants to emphasize how angry he is), he clinches his fists and is just short of throwing a temper tantrum?  Senator, we thought you were tech savvy, but I guess Zoom isn’t good enough for you and your colleagues.  Senator, in case you have forgotten, there was a time when Dems fully supported virtual hearings:  Take Note of How Dems Are Flipping the Script on Virtual Hearings.

Lefties’ silly attacks on Barrett show they have no real complaint

Family Research Council has researched 15 positions for its 2020 Presidential Voter Guide.  You can review it here.

Everett Piper writes in the Washington Times:  ‘I don’t care if Donald Trump is a jerk. He still has my vote’ 

Victor Davis Hanson always gives his readers a common-sense explanation behind so many of the snafu’s in the political arena:  The Full Crowley

The Debate: A Vote for Two Men or a Vote for Two Ideologies—One Will Save America and Keep Her Strong.

The Most Anti-Gun Ticket in American History.

Ok, I know we are back on Twitter, but what I want to know, is why we were locked out for a total 10 weeks, never told @cpnys why, and this person isn’t suspended for one day.   Twitter should seriously consider ending its artificial intelligence system to monitor what is posted, or at the very least improve how its AI programs/monitors what is posted.  Twitter to fix AI system that cut black people from photos.

China ramps up campaign of bribes and economic extortion in global power play.

ICYMI: Black Lives Matter Protestor Reveals What the Real Goal of the Movement Is.

This Week in Leftist Intimidation and Violence Vol. 6

Trump, Vought, DeVos and Keim call out Marxist indoctrination in colleges and gov’t agencies.