Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the debate, Judge Barrett’s nomination, the Party’s reorganization, and shines the candidate spotlight on Michael Lawler and John Lemondes.

The New York State Conservative Party wishes President Trump and the First Lady a speedy recovery. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

 Trump Goes 2 on 1 in First Debate

President Trump had more than just Joe Biden to worry about in the first debate as moderator Chris Wallace made himself a key player, and at times, even a surrogate of Joe Biden.

Wallace repeatedly let Biden off the hook on many key issues such as his plan to raise individual and corporate taxes, as well as whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court, a topic he allowed Biden to ignore all together.

President Trump, however, was pressed on every issue and even forced to answer recycled questions from a 2016 debate also moderated by Chris Wallace.

At times it felt like the debate was between the President and Wallace as Joe Biden snickered in the corner. We heard very little from Biden, and what we did hear, spells potential trouble if elected.

Doubling down on his support for Obamacare, raising taxes, and chasing jobs out of America with an increase in corporate taxes, and referring to Antifa as an “idea” and refusing to acknowledge the destruction they’ve caused nationwide is a dangerous direction we cannot afford to go.

Amy Coney Barrett Officially Nominated to Fill Court Vacancy

 Last weekend, President Trump officially nominated 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett to become the next Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

Barrett is a highly qualified, highly respected proven conservative. Her belief in faith and the law is what we should be looking for in a new Justice.

Democrats are looking to discredit her in any way possible attacking her Catholic faith and conservative record. One activist even went as far to call her a “white colonizer” for adopting two children from Haiti.   An absolutely disgusting charge.

While Senate Democrats will do anything they can to obstruct the President from doing his job, the constitution is clear and the President is elected for a term of four years. It is his duty, as well as the Senates, to confirm a 9th Justice to the Supreme Court.

Conservative Delegates Meet in Orange County

 I want to thank the Conservative Party State Committee from around the state for trusting in me to lead the party for another two-year term.

It has been a busy year and a half. We have made tremendous strides digitally, we have expanded our presence throughout the state, nominated an impressive slate of candidates, and most importantly sued Andrew Cuomo and won. The Governor attempted to rule as a dictator and abolish third parties, but with the help of many party leaders, we fought back and won. The Conservative Party is here to stay.

In addition, the following officers were also elected to two-year terms, Shaun Marie Levine (Albany County) as the Executive Vice-Chairman, Howard Lim, Jr. (Westchester County) as Secretary and Frances T. Vella-Marrone (Kings County) as Treasurer.

Our state leadership is as follows:

Eight State Vice-Chairmen, Daniel F. Donovan, Jr. (Nassau County), Hugh Fox (Westchester County), Thomas M. Long (Queens County), Ralph C. Lorigo (Erie County), James F. Quinn, Jr.  (Wayne County), Gregory S. Rigby (Cayuga County), Allen Roth (New York County) and Frank Tinari (Suffolk County), and seven Regional Vice-Chairmen were also elected.  The Regional Vice-Chairs are:  In the Capital District – Brian Gardner (Columbia County), in the Northern Region — Henry “Hank” Ford (St. Lawrence County), in the North Central Region — H. Leonard Schick (Oswego County), in the South-Central Region – James M. Thomas (Broome County), in the Mid-Western Region — Jason McGuire (Livingston County), in the Western Region — Arthur Munger (Genesee County) and in the Hudson Valley – William Beckmann (Rockland County).

The Officers above also serve as the officers of the State Executive Committee.

The following are At-Large Members of the State Executive Committee:  Vincent Arcuri (Queens County), Stuart Avrick (New York County), James J. Barrett, Jr. (Schenectady County), Carol Birkholtz (Warren County), Ross Brady (Kings County),  Michael Buttino (Greene County), Thomas M. Casey (Queens County), David M. Curcio (Richmond County), Chung Dick (Kings County), Louis DeCicco (Chemung County),  John P. DeLessio (Orange County),  John E. Flynn, (Suffolk County), Robert  Fois (Westchester County), Edward J. Gaddy (Ulster County), Michael Garlock (Wayne County), John J. Hayes (Ulster County), Eileen Johnson (Kings County), Christopher J. Kendall (Madison County), Jim M. Kerr (New York County), Paul Kosowski (Nassau County), Edward A. Magilton (Sullivan County),  Charles R. Mancabelli (Onondaga County),  James Maxwell (Putnam County), Donald S. Mazzullo (Monroe County),  Patrick McManus (Bronx County), Donald Minichino (Dutchess County), Christopher Mistron (Nassau County), Scott D. Nasca (Monroe County), Dimitry Edward Naemit (Rockland County), Reid W. Robbins (Ontario County), Laura A. Schreiner (Suffolk County),  John Seravalli (New York County), Michael E. Torres (Suffolk County),  Robert E. White (Franklin County),  Anna M. Wilcox (Chautauqua County), and Robert Zordan (Saratoga County).

The Members of the State Executive Committee serve as the governing body when the full state committee is not convened.  All members serve a two-year term.  The Members of the State Executive Committee appointed Ralph C. Lorigo, Esq. as Party Counsel, Eileen Johnson as the Assistant Secretary, Shaun Marie Levine as the Executive Director and Michael R. Long as Chairman Emeritus, for a term coterminous with the elected members.

Candidate Spotlight Mike Lawler

 Mike Lawler is a lifelong Rockland County resident and graduate of Suffern High School. In 2009, Mike earned a degree in Business Administration, with a double major in Accounting and Finance, from Manhattan College, where he was named the Valedictorian of his graduating class.

Mike currently serves as Deputy Town Supervisor in Orangetown under Supervisor Teresa Kenny and previously worked in the Westchester County Executive’s Office as an advisor to Rob Astorino, where he dealt with issues ranging from the county budget to public policy and community outreach initiatives. In addition, Mike previously served as Executive Director of the State Republican Party, helping elect candidates to federal, state, and local office.

Mike is also a successful small businessman who founded his own government affairs and public relations firm.

Mike represents a real opportunity to flip an Assembly seat and continue to chip away at the Democrats super majority.

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Candidate Spotlight John Lemondes

 After graduating from Liverpool High, John studied agriculture at Penn State University, and was commissioned in the U.S. Army. Over a nearly 27-year career serving us in the Army, John deployed overseas numerous times including Iraq and Afghanistan and retired in 2014 as a Colonel.

Returning home, John, Martha, and family began farming 488 acres in LaFayette.  He has turned longtime fallow, overgrown land to fertile productivity.

While working as a Defense and National Security consultant the past few years, the farm continued to grow, and Ellys Acres now hosts a growing flock of sheep and lambs, hay and forage, and John is looking at his 3000-maple tree sugar bush with an eye to maple syrup production.

John is a leader in the farming community as well – – he is President of the Farmer Veteran Coalition of New York State – – and is active nationally with the American Sheep Industry Association. He was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Onondaga County Soil & Water Conservation District by the County Executive, and is a member of NYS Farm Bureau.

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