President Trump to Nominate Supreme Court Justice Saturday

 President Donald Trump has announced he will move to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court in 2020.

The President has a constitutional and moral obligation to fill the seat. Frankly, a potential 4-4 deadlock on a ruling in the Supreme Court is not something we should risk. Since 1869 the number of Justices has been set at nine and we must ensure the highest court in the land continues to operate the way it was intended to.

It is imperative a conservative voice is added to the Supreme Court to ensure fairness, common sense, and prevent a far-left radical Justice the left would surely nominate.

It has become clear the votes are there in the United States Senate to confirm a new Justice. The President was elected nearly 4 years ago by voters who wanted to put him in charge of nominations for the Supreme Court. It is his duty as Commander in Chief to fulfill his obligation and protect the integrity of the Constitution.

AOC Promoting Full NYC Socialist Agenda

Democratic Socialists of America-NYC chapter will be looking to run and support a slate of City Council candidates who would create a “socialist caucus” in the New York City Council.

The already Democratic controlled council will see 35 new members in 2021 running to fill term limited seats. Only 16 of the current members are eligible to run for re-election and a far left of left push is being made to pack the Council with self-proclaimed socialists.

Recently, in a gross display of anti-Semitism, the DSA asked potential candidates on their questionnaire if they would pledge to not visit Israel.

The DSA has also pledged to:

  • “Confront Gov. Andrew Cuomo and push the state Legislature to tax the rich to help fund the Green New Deal and New York Health Act, legislation that would create a government-run, single-payer health insurance system and to prevent state cuts in public services. “In the face of an austerity budget, many of our campaigns will lend their weight to a demand on the state government to tax the rich, putting us directly in the cross hairs of Andrew Cuomo. We welcome his hatred. Remaining resolute now is the time to expand the public sector, to provide social housing, public power [energy/utility supplier].”
  • “Use the COVID-related housing crisis to “cancel” rent, thus squeezing landlords of revenue and forcing them to give up their properties and “exit the market” — and have the state acquire the properties and convert them to public housing. Its housing agenda also includes “undermining” the real estate industry’s already diminished clout in the Democrat-run state Legislature.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the face of this movement, a movement that NYC cannot afford. Their first move will surely be to defund the NYPD to the level of a small-town police department, if not abolish the police all together. They will chase taxpayers out of New York City, leaving a higher burden to the middle class. New York will most certainly become one of the most dangerous big cities in America.

The DSA threat is a threat we should take seriously in NYC in 2021. The future of our families and our city hinges on 35 City Council seats.

More Than A Candidate

New York State Assembly Candidate Lawrence Chiulli (@Lawrence4Ny) was in the right place at the right time.

Just weeks ago, a young boy found himself in a horrifying situation as he held on for his life on the side of a Hudson Valley cliff in Westchester.

A 10-year-old boy was hiking with members of his family when he got separated from them. In a panic, and a stroke of luck, the family came across Chiulli who searched for the boy.

Chiulli, a former Eagle Scout, found him clinging on to the side of Bear Mountain in a treacherous position and growing weak from hanging on for so long.

Lawrence was able to maneuver down the steep mountain side and grab onto the boy, helping him reposition until help could arrive.

I would like to commend Lawrence for his bravery and willingness to spring into action without hesitation. His selflessness, quick thinking and bravery preserved a young life.

Quick Piece of Importance

NY state to review any Trump-authorized COVID vaccine for ‘safety’ before use: Cuomo.  This says the man who sent COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes knowing full well that it would spread like fire through dry grass.  New Yorkers deserve a Governor that puts the health of her citizens first and not one that puts politics first.  Creating a new “Clinical Advisory Task Force” can lead to delays in getting a critical vaccine to those who need it; while no one is being mandated to have the vaccine.

Candidate Spotlight Alexis Weik

Growing up in Ronkonkoma and Oakdale, and currently residing in Sayville, Alexis has stayed true to her roots. A wife and mother of three, Alexis knows the true sacrifice our law enforcement officers make each and every day, experiencing it firsthand through her husband and oldest son who are in law enforcement.

Active in many local civic and educational groups in addition to being the elected Islip Receiver of Taxes, Alexis is a fighter and our choice in New York’s 3rd Senate District to oust far left liberal and Governor Cuomo loyalist Monica Martinez.

We cannot afford a Democratic controlled State Senate. In less than 2 years, they’ve given us disastrous bail reform, they’ve released multiple convicted cop killers and have promised to raise taxes.

We need common sense representation that will make New York an easier, safer place to live and raise a family.

Contact Alexis here.

Candidate spotlight Liz Joy

A devoted wife and mother to four adult children, Liz is an advocate and fighter for our constitutional freedoms. Liz will not be absent from her district, nor afraid to do the work on behalf of the constituents in New York’s 20th Congressional District.

Liz is no stranger to a fight, in the fall of 2018, she single-handedly fought off knife yielding man intent on doing fatal harm. After engaging in hand-to-hand combat, she was able to call for help, undoubtedly saving the life of at least one person.

Strong on the right to life, the southern border, jobs, and the economy, Liz will represent NY20 with humility and grace, and an open heart, always remembering the congressional seat belongs to the people of her district, not the representative.

You can visit her website here to learn more, get involved or donate!

See Liz’s new ad here.

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