Governor Andrew Cuomo is risking lives again.

Governor Cuomo likes to say “just the facts.”  Here are some that you should include in your presentations (and your self-praising soon to be release book)  Just 1% of US Counties Have Had Nearly Half of All COVID-19 Deaths.

NY state to review any Trump-authorized COVID vaccine for ‘safety’ before use: Cuomo.  This says the man who sent COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes knowing full well that it would spread like fire through dry grass.  New Yorkers deserve a Governor that puts the health of her citizens first and not one that puts politics first.  Creating a new “Clinical Advisory Task Force” can lead to delays in getting a critical vaccine to those who need it; while no one is being mandated to have the vaccine.

If my memory serves me right, every year we see headlines like this:  DiNapoli: New York paid over $700M in improper Medicaid benefits.  When will this incompetence end?  If Medicaid was a private corporation, does anyone think it would continue?  Yet the Democrats want government to be in control of health care.  Simply mindboggling!

From National Review:  Will Biden’s Delaware Become Biden’s America?  “I’m a young Delawarean who didn’t get to experience life with duPont, General Motors, or the banking boom, but I come from a multi-generation family of Delawareans who remember when this was the place to be. In my 24 years here, I’ve seen enough to know that we don’t want the rest of America to resemble the current First State.”

The man, the myth: Biden still spinning ‘fables’ despite 1988 election disaster.

Senate Report Details Hunter Biden’s Extensive Foreign Business Dealings — and Obama Officials’ Efforts to Ignore Them.   (Is there any wonder why so many people do not want to be involved in the political world…it breaks my heart that the good people of this nation think all of politics is about the dark side when there far more people in politics that really look out for everyone, follow the US Constitution and are willing to do what is right for the nation and not themselves.) Even with the mainstream media helping to bury some of the bad news,  This Detail in the Hunter Biden Report Again Exposes the Media’s Insane Double Standard, it can’t when many understand they (the press)  have an agenda.     Here is more from the dark side that the mainstream media tries ignore.

Desperate to appeal to their base but really to hold on to power, House Democrats roll out anti-corruption package aimed at curbing presidential powers.  (“Mr. Schiff, though, was optimistic that their reforms would gain bipartisan support if Joseph R. Biden, the Democratic nominee, wins in November.  He really lives on his own planet in his own little world.)  Speaker Pelosi must live on the same planet, why else would the Speaker of the House revert to this?

Was there ever any real question that he would?

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