Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, seven weeks from today, voters will decide what your future holds; empty localities or the bright future New Yorkers have always been willing to work for.

Message to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio: it isn’t the weather that is driving New Yorkers to move, it is the policies you endorse that is producing the exodus from New York.  People that are fleeing are seeking localities that uphold and enforce laws that protect their citizens.  New York’s political leaders must wake up.  When New Yorkers see this headline, they question why they would stay in a city/state that is not committed to protecting them.  Of course, people who do not have the opportunity to move, must make their voices heard on election day, November 3, 2020.  If you have been silent and not voting in the past, take an active roll this year.  Not registered to vote?  Click here to register, then follow up that your registration is valid. (If you must, you can apply for an absentee ballot here, but voting in person is the only way to be certain your vote is counted.)   Voting on the Conservative Party line sends a strong message – that you are fed up with the direction this socialist movement is heading – and you want leaders that will stand up to the bullies demanding utopia at your expense.  Enough is enough; vote in person on November 3, 2020.

The NY Post editorial says it all; now it is up to you.  Wake up, New York — or the Democratic socialists really will take over.

This is written by the democratic candidate (who won the June 23 Primary) for the 25th State Senate District, who will win on Nov. 3, 2020 because, unfortunately, the district is so democrat heavy, it is understandable that no one stepped up to the plate to run on the Republican or Conservative Lines. This is a big part of the problem that New Yorkers face.  Why is this policy a problem?  Read this.   He won the Democratic primary with 33,510 votes (the runner up had 20,229 and the total number of votes cast in the primary was 61,118.)  There are 257,080 registered voters in the district and quite frankly, the 33,510 votes that drove him to victory on June 23 are the ones who decided who would represent the 351,552 people who live in the district.  As the NY Post editorial above states:  Wake up, New York – or the Democratic socialists really will take over.

Today’s Riots Comparable to ‘Late Stage’ Violence of ’60s, ’70s, however, we survived and revived the American spirit then; and we can again, despite the current bleak outlook.  Our voices must be heard on election day; part of the difference between then and now is that many of the elected officials of today are the some of those who were part of the violence of the ‘60s and ‘70s who look the other way, many are professors in our colleges who have revised history to their liking and far too many do not take the time to vote.  Make your voice heard on November 3, 2020.   Wake up, New York – or the Democratic socialists really will take over.

Michael Benjamin writes in the NY Post:  New York’s Democratic socialists want a revolution — but does anyone else?  His next-to-last sentence may very well be the key to our future.  Wake up, New York – or the Democratic socialists really will take over.

Rich Lowry writes that many democrats’ response to anything they dislike is increasingly ‘Burn it all down’

Wealthy cosmetics heir backs new group formed to oust some Senate Democrats;  thankfully there are some who truly understand the problems facing New York State’s residents and do what they can to educate voters.

Voting is a privilege and responsibility; you decided who governs and what policies they will govern with .

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