Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are not happy about the Big Apple’s new title…

The late breaking news on Friday evening was the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that has set off an intensive political firestorm.  Here are 7 Things to Know About Upcoming Supreme Court Process, Picks.  The Hill writes about names to watch as Trump picks Ginsburg replacement on Supreme Court.

Speaker Pelosi is on a power campaign; the Speaker no longer represent what is legal according to the US Constitution when outlining what her plans are.  Pelosi doesn’t rule out impeachment to delay Trump’s Supreme Court pick.  Perhaps Speaker Pelosi needs a refresher course in anti-bullying…and the US Constitution.

Sen. Schumer teamed up with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  to issue a “fervent plea” that the seat remains vacant until after election day.  (One knows Sen. Schumer doesn’t share the microphone often, especially with a person who could primary him, so he is desperate to enhance his voice.)  Their bullying was a little more subtle than the Speaker.  (Interesting how AOC – there is no going back to brunch –  stood with Sen. Schumer and not Speaker Pelosi.)

More bullying from another NY Congressman, Jerry Nadler, who has overstayed his welcome in Congress.  Term limits, when enacted, with your help, will force them out of office before their lust for power undermines the balance of power the US Constitution envisioned.

Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, Nadler and both Clintons should remember what Justice Ginsburg said in 2016:  Ginsburg said Senate should hold SCOTUS confirmation hearing during election year.  Stop the politics and get down to doing the work you were elected to do.

Michael Goodwin explains why the country needs a filled Supreme Court for the 2020 election.

Dem’s fury over next SCOTUS pick mainly betrays tremendous historical ignorance.

Even the ‘Fact Checkers’ Couldn’t Ignore These Biden Lies About the Supreme Court.

This WSJ (subscription required) really should be available for everyone to read:  Breaking Judicial Norms: A History…A Democratic Senate pattern, from Bork to the filibuster rule.  It serves as a useful reminder of how “Democrats have a long history of breaking procedural norms on judges.”  Please do what you can to read a full copy of the Wall Street Journal article.

Here is another WSJ article that should not be behind a pay wall:  The Hospital Lobbyists Behind Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal, because it has such important information.  If you do not have a subscription to WSJ you can get a good amount of the background by checking out Mr. Hammond’s Twitter feed: @NYHammond.  At some point, it will be posted on (hopefully before November 3) and we will post it then.

New York State Has Dug Itself into Its Deepest Hole on Record.

4 Key Moments from Trump’s Speech on History, Critical Race Theory.

The Consequences of Biden.

Betsy McCaughey opined in the NY Post, over the weekend,  that Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisers are more deadly than the virus.

Is there any wonder why most honest political people are worried about the 2020 elections?  ‘Not a big deal’: Noncitizens who voted illegally in 2016 still on voter rolls.  We ask the question again, why is it that the Democrats refuse to let provide more safeguards when casting one’s vote?  Only United States citizens, should be casting a vote as to whom will represent them…at any level.  And then there is this:  California Wants Me to Vote, Even Though I Haven’t Lived There for Over 8 Years.

Robert Knight uses his Washington Times column to explain how Kamala Harris and Dems side with rioters, abandon police.

From The Imaginative Conservative:   Life Is Risky Business.

This is the legacy of Governor Andrew Cuomo and a Legislature totally controlled by the new progressive democratic party:  Fewer witnesses to NYC crimes are coming forward — leading to mayhem and murder.

And it may get even worse, if Congresswoman Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez has her way:  AOC-backed socialists have a plan to take over New York City.

Thank you, AG Barr, for looking out for everyday New Yorker’s who just want to live their lives without drive-by shootings, escalating crime, riots, and looting.   De Blasio, Cuomo fume as DOJ puts ‘anarchist’ NYC funds on chopping block.