Governor Cuomo is fixated on facts, but the “facts” he promotes to be true are anything but accurate.

David Harsanyi opined (0903) in National Review about the Democrats’ Dangerous Delegitimization of the Election.

Daniel Oliver opines in the Washington Times to be prepared as democrats ready to take down the system with a sweep in November.

Today’s editorial in the Washington Examiner:  A vote for Joe Biden is still a vote for radicalism, not normalcy.

If you only have time to read one article today, be sure it is this one.  “Rule by Experts” Is Tyranny Shrouded in Science.

Trump and Biden could face dramatic post-election battle — here’s what might happen.

Jonathan S. Tobin opines in today’s NY Post about the Democrats’ new strategy for winning the White House: Threaten riots if they lose

This had to be difficult for Joe Scarboro to say:  Scarborough calls on Cuomo to walk back statement he made about Trump: ‘Out of bounds’

Governor, did you see this?  Even if you did, you would find a way to deny their research.

The Emperor keeps up his critical assessment of PresidentGovernor Cuomo likes to say he deals with facts, yet he doesn’t hesitate to attack President Trump based on anonymous statements reported in The Atlantic.  In fact, since the Atlantic’s article sourced anonymous statements, I would be more inclined to believe Ambassador John Bolton, as we all know, not a fan of President Trump, but also known to be forthright, when he says the article was “simply false.”   And it wasn’t only ambassador Bolton that rallied to his defense.  Here is Conrad Black’s opinion in The Sun.   Bobby Henline, is a wounded war vet, who slammed the Left for using his photo to promote the tabloid rumor.

The CDC has a page dedicated to coping with stress as pandemics can be stressful.  They are not the only organization writing about the side effects of how a pandemic that is certainly stressful can comprise one’s mental health.  I am being sincere in saying that I believe the stress of being Governor (and making a major error in judgement in allowing COVID-19 patients to return to nursing homes) has taken its toll on Andrew Cuomo.  His adherence to blaming President Trump for not stopping the “European virus” and continuous blaming President Trump for New York’s high death rate, may very well be signs that the stress of being governor, with complete control for decisions being made, is taking its toll.  Would a person who is not under duress actually say that President Trump is “‘actively trying to kill New York City”  or that Trump Caused the COVID Outbreak in New York.  Take a deep breath, Governor, and think twice before you lob the next volley.

From the Daily Signal:  The Facts of Cuomo’s Fatal Leadership During COVID-19.

EDITORIAL (From the Daily Gazette): Get to the bottom of nursing home deaths.

This is just part of the legacy of New York State controlled by Democrats.   NYPD data: Only about 20 percent of NYC shootings ended in arrests this year.   This headline is encouraging, but the question remains, what will the consequences be considering the changes made by democrats?

Study: America Hit by Roughly 550 Violent Demonstrations in Three Months

Trump Campaign’s New Ad Demolishes Biden Supporters.

Some quotes the mainstream media fails to report:

  • “President Trump’s approval rating is back up to its pre-pandemic high of 52 percent, according to a Rasmussen poll.” – FOX News, 9/4/20
  • “Trump received 28% of the Hispanic vote four years ago. But a fresh national @QuinnipiacPoll pegged the president’s support with this demographic at 36%.” – Frank Luntz (#LandslideComing)
  • “Trump will absolutely demolish Biden with 45% of the Black vote. We see it in our data every day. The Democrat party is shrinking. Daily, people who were reliable Dem voters, are donating to the President!” – Gary Coby, digital director for Trump campaign

Clinton Cash Author Has New Documentary Exposing the Bidens’ Corruption with China.

Charles Hurt opines how you see the world when you have been an insider for 47 years.

Robert Knight opines on the hypocrisy of Pelosi’s COVID-19 hairdo and Dems’ sexcapades.

Kathryn Jean Lopez school’s former VP Joe Biden on using selective parts of John Paul II’s The Gospel of Life.

Dan McLaughlin writes in National Review that the New York Attorney General’s postal service lawsuit is mostly junk mail.

Why Oprah’s Story Is Worth Reflecting on as Nation Debates Systemic Racism.

Kids Must Learn History to Avoid Being Gaslighted by Media

Yes, there is humor in politics, sometimes.  ‘Mrs. Biden, Can Joe come out and debate?’ New pro-Trump video leaves Twitter in stitches.